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The importance of an employee survey is often underrated. However it is the employees, who are closest to the company and consequently contribute to the overall success. An online employee survey allows you to quickly and easily gather impressions. This way, you can determine the degree of the individual employee’s satisfaction and in doing so, increase commitment.

Conducting a survey is very simple: create the online questionnaire, post the survey online and invite employees as well as superiors to join your survey. An employee survey is similar to a customer survey in regard to customer satisfaction. If the customer is satisfied, then he or she will stay loyal. If an employee is satisfied, then they will not only remain but also increase their engagement and as a result, boost customer satisfaction.

A survey or online employee survey is an inexpensive and fast tool to sustainably improve your own success. But caution: the questionnaire for an employee survey and overall survey should not be created hastily and without an actual goal. Your staff and supervisors must have the feeling that their feedback from the employee survey will contribute to a meaningful process. Otherwise, you will encounter a low level of acceptance with the online employee survey.

Give your employees, staff and superiors a chance to be heard! Daily, employees can get irritated over work routines and procedures. These are matters that are often held back, given that employees will unlikely approach their supervisor because of a small thing or as a consequence be known as the “whistle-blower.” Situations like these cause employees to feel negatively about their work and as a consequence, fluctuations increase. This doesn’t have to be the case! Use easyfeedback to counteract these situations by taking advantage of successful employee surveys.

Employee satisfaction relies on a variety of factors. These include the general working conditions, wages, career opportunities, further training opportunities, technical equipment for the work space as well as colleagues and superiors at work. If your employees are not satisfied and cannot identify with your company, fluctuation increases and fluctuation costs money!

Examples of employee surveys and topics an online questionnaire can include:

Whether in a small or large business, organization at work is not often ideal and can frustrate your employees. Furthermore, many employee resources cannot be taken advantage of because there is little time for critical tasks due to bad organization. A targeted survey in an employee survey in regard to the employees’ own work process can detect and optimize time pressure.

Motivation & performance:
Motivation and performance are not only affected by an improved organization or measures for further education. Ordinary things like having lunch in the cafeteria, a clean workplace or work-related equipment or devices can increase motivation significantly. Whether in one’s private or professional life, we all strive to feel comfortable and appreciated. By making small improvements within the workplace, work ethics and commitment will consequently increase. A survey on working conditions will quickly and easily increase employee satisfaction.

Improvement and optimization:
In addition to suggestions for improvements, an employee survey can also detect the potential of individual employees. Many employees may have ideas but cannot find a suitable person to talk to or do not consider their opinion as valuable. Using specific surveys for internal optimizations, the success of the business and the development of staff can be directly improved. Furthermore, company loyalty will grow and valuable employees maintained.

Actual-theoretical survey:
A good reason for an employee survey is an actual-theoretical survey. With this questionnaire, you can use the survey to represent the actual difference between the real course of events and the desired course of events. This is accomplished by including the question of the actual situation in the questionnaire and then, the desired situation. This will show you where there is need for action or where the opinions between management and employees differ. A survey based on such an interview can focus on one department or topic or the online survey can be used to obtain a general view.

The following possibilities and goals can be achieved with an employee survey:

Summary Result

  • Recording of general employee satisfaction
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses in individual areas
  • Working atmosphere between employee and supervisors
  • Employees’ training needs
  • Acceptance of new processes and methods
  • Changes and adjustment of work schedule
  • Flow of information between supervisors and employee
  • Suggestions for improvement and integration of innovations
  • Identification with the company
  • Motivation in the event of overtime

Which points should be considered for employee surveys and how do you ideally set up the questionnaire for a survey?

Here are a few tips on how to create a survey on the subject of "Online Employee Survey" and how to generate employee satisfaction:


The most important point in the employee survey! No conclusions may be drawn between the interviewee and the results. The employees and supervisors must have a chance to provide "honest" feedback and should not worry of being subject to negative consequences, based on their feedback. All surveys on easyfeedback are strictly anonymous. Even if your invitation to the survey takes place via our email system, no connections between the email addresses and results are generated. Although this is possible, it is not necessary for an employee survey. You can set up the questions as you like to achieve the desired results: honestly and directly.


Although the survey should and must be carried out anonymously, you do require results according to the departments. This way, you will be able to better identify individual deficits. You can do this by asking a question in regard to department affiliation at the beginning of the survey questionnaire or create a multi-link for each department. Depending on which option you choose, you can filter the responses and results by the various departments at the end of the employee survey. This will allow you to precisely determine what action needs to be taken and in which department. Please note: If a department only consists of two employees, then the survey is no longer anonymous.


Survey set-up:
When creating your survey, sort the contents of the questionnaire over several pages thematically. Ideally, place 1-2 questions on each page of the online survey. You can also use our survey templates to create the survey. Simply use the example and adjust the contents according to your specific requirements.


By using the layout configurator in the survey tool, you can customize company logo, colors and corporate design elements for the surveys. This increases the employee’s confidence in the employee survey. A good employee survey is like a good customer survey where the sender can be clearly identified.


Data protection:
As with any survey, data protection plays an important role. All surveys by easyfeedback are secured with the SSL. Therefore, we provide you and the participant with maximum security at all times. The survey tool, where you set up the questionnaire for the survey, is also secured with SSL. Furthermore, we offer every customer a free contract for order data processing. You can view more information on data protection and so be assured that you are in control of your data at all times here: Privacy Policy >

We are fully aware of the sensitive data that is collected in surveys. Therefore, we provide you with maximum protection for your employee survey and other surveys according to our data privacy regulations.

The first step is to devise and define your goals. Plan your employee surveys with care and achieve great results.