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The easiest way to reach your employees is with the easyfeedback e-mail invitation tool. Send invitations, track attendance and send if needed a reminder - even completely anonymous.

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Tablet & PC´s

For production employees, it makes sense to provide PCs or tablets in a closed room. Anyone who wants can also participate on his smartphone. easyfedback surveys work completely automatically on any device.

Payroll, QR Code, Intranet

Simply place the survey link on the intranet or as a QR code at the payroll. The possibilities are varied and adapt to your needs.

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Total, location or team result. Get insight into the results and compare them with one click.

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Department, location, team, language, answers, etc. Set individual filters, as one or in combination, and evaluate the results of your employee survey according to your own criteria.

Individual reports

Create different reports and share them easily via link with department heads, business managers or other involved people.

Comparison filtering

Gain deeper insights into the results with comparisons. Compare individual departments, locations or teams with each other and share the results.

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Export the overall results, partial results or comparisons simply by clicking in the desired format.


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Employee Satisfaction

Who likes his job, which makes it also gladly and with passion. But not always everything is perfect. Here and there it happens that employees are dissatisfied. This can have many different causes that vary from company to company. Consult your employees and find out where the shoe presses. This is the only way to keep talent, reduce staff turnover and reduce costs.

Further Training Measures

Not everyone is perfect, but everyone can be a professional in his field. The more knowledge your employees acquire, the more efficient they become and strengthen the market position of your company. With a short employee survey on training, you will learn what the level of knowledge is and where your employees want training, or where training is needed to optimally fill the position.

Exit Interview

Fluctuation is part of every business. Whether through structural changes, new supervisors or lack of prospects. The reasons for a termination are always personal. With a quick survey you get feedback and can take countermeasures. Recruitment and training take time and resources and weaken the performance of your business over time.

Internal Communication

Basically, there is no need to improve anything from the point of view of the management and executives. It is always reported on what the employee may know. Is it really like that? The reality is usually different. And then the "Silent Post" goes around. In the end, "information" reaches employees which does not exist. Prevent this and optimize internal communication. Thus, no one feels excluded or deceived.

Attractiveness of the Employer Brand

Applicants look closely at companies before they apply. Are there positive recessions in social networks? Do I know someone who has already worked there? What is my future in the company? In addition to simple measures, such as a friendly smile, discuss the situation about your employees. What do they like and what does not? With a simple survey, this information can be collected and evaluated. The happier your employees, the better the reputation. The happier your employees, the better the reputation.


Anniversary, summer party or Christmas party. Every year different events take place in the company. Have you ever considered signing up with a quick employee survey? Not yet. In doing so, you receive feedback in a simple and clear manner and no longer have to collect and evaluate applications by hand.

Pulse Check

Fast feedback with short and regular pulse-check interviews. At the completion of the project or once a week, introduce a short pulse check. This will tell you, week by week, how the mood in the team is and whether you can reach your goals in the planned time.

Workplace Conditions

Psychological and / or environmental influences affect the work performance and reduce the motivation. Anyone who is permanently under "power", or working in the danger area all day long, is stressing his body. The result: Sooner or later, the body will decide on performance and not the employee. You can use an employee survey to discover stress situations and improve the working environment.

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Anonymity guaranteed

The trust of your employees in a survey must not be abused. Therefore, it is even more important that every employee is free to express his opinion. Any participation in easyfeedback surveys is anonymous by default. Decide for yourself how far you want to personalize: location, department, team or complete - it's in your hands.

Data Protection Employee Survey

Data protection "made in Germany" (GDPR)

The security of your data and your employees has the highest priority. With easyfeedback you rely on a tool that meets the requirements of German data protection. Find out everything about the measures and how you can implement your survey in compliance with data protection.

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The identification of user needs is the essential core of our business. easyfeedback has accompanied us for several years as a loyal partner in this task. We particularly appreciate the intuitive usability of the survey tool and the professional support. As 'heavy users', we are always happy about new and innovative developments that make our surveys and analyses even easier.

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