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strengthening the employer brand with the help of a survey

Measure your employer brand appeal key factors, like working environment and employee satisfaction. This ready to use template offers you a headstart to active management of your company's attractivity towards new talents.

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Content and targets of this template

How appealing is your company brand for possible applicants? Maybe you would like to know your market strength as an employer. Working environment is one of the key factors for employee satisfaction and referrals. Get a new perspective from a nice little survey.

Measure employer brand appeal through the corresponding key factors. Individualize the template for your trade and region. Are staff achievements approved? See the full picture by including the other side. Corporate values are effective, only when truly lived every day. Increase employee motivation and stay attractive for new talents.

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• find out about job satisfaction
• appreciation and recognition of achievements
• employer brand appeal
• measure the knowledge on corporate values


• employee and team mood perception
• living company values
• include different perspectives on corporate culture
• attracting new talents
• development of the employed branding

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