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The term “market research” often lets us think that this is a costly matter. But market research does not have to be expensive! Using online market research by means of questionnaires in online surveys, you have an instrument at your disposal with which significant results can quickly be generated and this, at an affordable price.
Market research can and should be a company’s constant companion in regard to the company's development. Only when you know your customers’ needs and the market, can you ideally target your products or brand according to these needs.

Market research is not only intended for large corporations. Every bakery, pharmacy or gas station should consult with its customers regularly and conduct a market research. Which product is most popular? What other products do your customers want? Where do customers see short-comings: service, price/performance, lack of advertising/communication? Only if you ask your customers and potential customers, can you gain insight and react. Take advantage of the potential of surveys and increase your business success.

With easyfeedback, you will receive a survey tool with which you can independently conduct market research. The classic interview or phone interview is replaced by an online survey; either 1:1, for example on a tablet at the POS or via email with selected individuals and customer groups or directly on your website. Simply setup the survey with the appropriate questions and place these on the individual pages. As soon as you are finished, you can send the survey link to participants, upload on a mobile device or integrate it into your website.

The great advantage here is the quick implementation at a low price with easyfeedback. Normally, 75% of the participants answer within the first 3 days. Therefore, you receive prompt results for the planned measures. It is even quicker if you ask your participants directly on location. Furthermore, the automatic presentation of the results immediately displays your standpoint and how many have already participated. With a click, you can view either the complete data or only specific participants and their results filtered according to demographic data. The results are always live. This allows you to get a first impression of your product or brand during an on-going study.

For recurring surveys, you can simply save your survey as a template and use this again. This makes your job easier. Furthermore, we offer survey templates with which you can start right away. With easyfeedback, everything is ready to use for a study or market research on your product or brand.

Examples for market research surveys and which topics an online questionnaire can include:

Product testing (new product launch and further development)
You are planning to launch a new product or have further developed an existing product? Then you should first test this, i.e. launch a market research, with focus on your customers and potential customers before further investing in the development. This will give you quick and clear information on whether or not your product is accepted as well as its value to your customers. A product study allows you to identify the demand in advance and as a result, how the market will react to your new product.

Marketing strategy
Furthermore, a survey is also ideal for orientating a market strategy. Specific questions regarding awareness and positioning of the brand will give you feedback from the customer`s perspective. How is your product seen: high quality or cheap? What is your image? Are you seen as either young & trendy or as old-fashioned & conservative? What about the price/performance ratio? These and other questions will result in clear conclusions in regard to your own position in the market and will form a solid foundation for the adaptation of your marketing strategy.

Demand analysis for customers
Your business is running well? All seems ok, but is this truly the case? Are you fulfilling the needs and wishes of your customers or are they just loyal? Do you know what your customers want? Can you expand your product portfolio to increase sales? Do you have to eliminate products because no one is buying them? Your instinct may guide you along the right path, but a second perspective is crucial in such matters. Your point of view is only one perspective. Have a look at your business, but through different eyes: those of your customers` and consequently, enhance your product portfolio.

Website analysis
Your website mirrors your business. As in a department store, there are paths and routes which can guide a customer. If these paths and routes are easy to find and point your customer in the right direction, then a successful purchase will take place. But are these “road-signs” visible for your customer? Do your website-visitors receive enough information regarding the product they are looking to buy? Does your website portray enough trust to lead to a successful purchase? Market research also plays an important role regarding the Internet. easyfeedback offers several options to include an online survey on your website when purchases are terminated/cancelled or after a purchase is made.

A market research survey will result in the following possibilities and goals:

Summary Result

  • Demand analysis
  • Pre-testing of new products and developments
  • Market analysis and market segmentation
  • Strategic orientation of the marketing strategy
  • Planning campaigns
  • Measuring the level of awareness
  • Identifying customer satisfaction
  • Identifying positioning
  • Price sensitivity of the target group
  • Optimizing sales and revenue
  • Website analysis
  • Reducing terminated/cancelled purchases

Which points should be considered for market research surveys and what is the optimal way to set up the questionnaire for a survey?

Here are a few tips on how to create a survey on the subject of "Market research":


Participant groups:
If you find yourself equipped with a tablet at a POS or at a trade fair, then take advantage of the survey link. When distributing a market research questionnaire to diverse target-groups, it is beneficial to choose a multi-link. The great advantage here is that you can view each individual group or results via the multi-link. And if you place the survey directly on your website, easyfeedback has prepared special website-links for easy integration.


Demographic data:
In order to accumulate the results according to demographic characteristics at the end of a questionnaire, it is important to inquire this data. Even if the answer is only voluntary, you can use the demographic characteristics, such as gender and age to see exactly which audience responds in which way to your market research. In the evaluation, you can then filter and compare the results according to these demographic characteristics.


Selecting participants:
Not every participant is a potential customer or desired as a participant from whom you can expect important feedback. To prevent these participants from distorting the overall picture of the results, you can and should select specific participants. You can access this selection via filters/jumps within the survey. For example, your first question can be: “Do you know the product XY?” If the participant clicks “Yes,” he or she can continue with the survey. If the participant clicks “No,” you can have him or her jump to the second or last page and allow him or her to only answer the demographic or general questions. By using filters/jumps, you can classify the participants as relevant or irrelevant feedback providers.


Using reviews, grading and rankings:
Every participant counts in your study. And accordingly, so does all feedback. Do not waste this by asking questions, which are of too general of nature. Furthermore, general questions only yield general answers. Use reviews, grading and rankings to find out what your customers like best about the product, what price they are willing to pay or what characteristics of the product are important to them. In the end, you can see what market exists for which price and which service.


Data protection:
As with any survey, data protection plays an important role. All surveys by easyfeedback are secured by default with the SSL encryption method. Therefore, we provide you and the participant with maximum security at all times. The survey tool, where you set up the questionnaire for the survey, is also secured with the SSL encryption method. Furthermore, we offer every customer a free contract for order data processing. You can obtain information regarding data protection and that you are in control of your data at all times here: Privacy Policy >

We are fully aware of the sensitive data that is collected in surveys. Therefore, we provide you with maximum protection for your market research survey and other surveys according to our data privacy regulations.

The first step is to devise and define your goals. Plan your market research survey with care and achieve great results.