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The easiest way to reach your participants is by e-mail. The smartphone is only a handle away. Send your market research survey by yourself or with easyfeedback and receive direct feedback.

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Whether at events, trade fairs or at the point of sale. With a tablet, you can interview your participants directly. Or you lay, e.g. at a trade fair, a tablet and let the participants giving you feedback.

Social Media

Social networks are the phonebook of yesteryear. With one click you can reach hundreds of participants. Either directly from your fanpage, or with a targeted ad campaign.

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Gender, age, residence, language, answers, etc. Set individual filters, once or in combination, and evaluate the results of your market research survey.

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Create different reports and share them easily with department heads, business managers or other people involved.

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Gain deeper insights into the results with comparisons. Compare individual target populations or demographics together and share the results.

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Export the overall result, partial results or even comparisons by clicking on the desired format.


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Product Launch / Prototype

Before you completely develop new products, it is advisable to test the needs of the target group in advance. On the one hand, whether the target group wants the product exactly as you have developed it and, on the other hand, how high the price is in relation to the target price. With an online market research survey, you can determine this cost-effectively and make corrections early.

Brand Awareness

Do you distribute a high quality branded product, or is your positioning in offering different brands? In both cases, you should know your target audience. How Brand Affine Are Your Customers? With a quick online survey, you'll gain insight into demographics and brand affinity to optimize your marketing strategy.

Target Group Definition

Age, sex, household net income, number of children, residence. All important information to know your own target group. But what private interests does your target group have? Do they like to listen to classical music or are they rock festival goers? If you know where your target group lives privately (offline and online), you can focus your marketing strategy on it and attract additional customers.

Campaign Selection

You have developed a new campaign independently or with your advertising agency. You have several designs and strategies, but you can not decide which of the campaigns is worth the budget and you do not know which campaign will fire at the target audience. Just ask your existing customers. They know your product and can give you feedback on your campaigns before you spend your marketing budget on the wrong strategy.

Needs Analysis – Product Optimization

Your own product is your sales driver. However, you are not alone in the market. Ask your customers where you could further improve your product to strengthen and improve your market position. What would improve your product as far as you settle far from the competition? Where are there weak spots and where are there customer wishes that you yourself are not seeing? A short survey will give you valuable insights.

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Anonymity on / off

Any participation in easyfeedback surveys is anonymous by default. However, it is sometimes necessary that participation take place in a personalized way. You decide for yourself how far you want to personalize: name, place of residence, target group or complete - it is in your hands.

Data Protection Market Research Survey GDPR

Data protection "made in Germany" (GDPR)

The security of your data and your customer has the highest priority. With easyfeedback you rely on a tool that meets the requirements of German data protection. Find out everything about the measures and how you can implement your survey in compliance with data protection.

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We chose easyfeedback because we want to make surveys flexible in terms of content and privacy is very important to us. In addition, easyfeedback offers many opportunities to integrate surveys into our digital products. A common usage scenario: We use easyfeedback in combination with the Google Tag Manager and play surveys on targeted to specific readers. So we get data from the relevant readers and achieve low dropout rates.

Claudia Urschbach
Senior User Researcher

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