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Example Questionnaire Employee Survey

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Employee Survey

Increase your attractiveness as an employer. Higher employee satisfaction reduces employee turnover and promotes team performance

Employee Satisfaction
Further Training Measures
Pulse Check
Internal Communication
Example Questionnaire Customer Survey

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Customer Survey

What needs do your customers have? Get feedback along the customer journey and gain important insights to customer loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction
Experience Feedback
Analysis of Needs
Market Research
Example Questionnaire 360 Degree Feedback

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360 Degree Feedback & Team Feedback

Give executives and employees the opportunity to be reviewed to improve their skills.

Example Questionnaire Event Seminar Survey

Templates & examples for

Event & Seminar Feedback

Planning, process and feedback. Use online surveys to plan your event and analyze it afterwards.

Event Planning
Seminar Feedback
Event Feedback
Event / Seminar Registration
Example Questionnaire Market Research Survey

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Market Research

Test your product, open up new markets or raise demand with your customers. Just ask, and generate important insights.

Target Group Definition
Campaign Selection
Product Optimization
Example Questionnaire Forms

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Forms & Questionnaires

Think about it: needs analysis, lead generation, contact form or confirmations. The application is varied and opens up new possibilities for you.

Needs Analysis
Lead Generation
Contact Form
Order Form
Example Questionnaire Student Education

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Students & Education

Satisfy your thirst for knowledge with online surveys for the bachelor or master thesis. Get feedback on class or parent evenings.

Market Research
Student Satisfaction
Evaluation of Teachers
Parent Evening Feedback

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