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Participant-feedback is an essential component for monitoring training courses, workshops or online seminars. Based on this feedback, you will receive immediate information regarding the success of your seminar, training course or workshop. This feedback is a must-have for further educational and training purposes, allowing you to further offer qualified services.

If your participants are satisfied, then they will return and recommend you further. This level of comfort can involve minor details such as, for example, the sanitary conditions of the room. But also the course structure, the timing as well as the services offered during breaks are essential elements contributing to the overall satisfaction. Furthermore, a training survey can shed light on the participant`s expectations, the instructor`s competence or the general quality of your service.

The classic form of such a survey is the questionnaire on paper. The printing of questionnaires, manual distribution and analysis of all questionnaires: a method that is time consuming and costly. By using the easyfeedback online survey, you save not only time but also money. After completion of a workshop or training course, participants can directly access your questionnaire via a PC, tablet or Smartphone. You will receive immediate results without wasting time doing unwanted revision work.

Creating a survey for a participant survey is easy in this matter. Besides course topics and clarity, aspects such as friendliness or the interactive integration of a participant within the course all contribute to the evaluation of the instructor. In addition, overall conditions such as cleanliness, timing and overall feedback can easily be obtained. The questionnaire structure regarding seminars are often the same, thus working with easyfeedback templates is an optimal solution. You can easily create a master questionnaire for your participant survey and so, use it again and again. Simply tailor the content according to the specific seminar, publish and send to your participants.

Examples of participant surveys and which topics an online questionnaire can include:

Instructor qualification:
The course instructor is an essential element for a good seminar. If his or her professional skills are not convincing and the participants do not see an additional benefit, the attention of the participants will automatically be limited. Targeted questioning in a participant survey can provide meaningful feedback regarding the performance and the overall satisfaction. Based on the feedback-results, you can plan and correct the service of your instructors.

Content comprehension / Learning success:
In addition to the qualifications, you will also receive an insight into the comprehensibility of the course from the participant`s perspective. Ideally, the participant survey includes double queries with which you can question expertise and then, comprehensibility. If one or both assessments have low ratings, either the content of the course is too complicated or the instructor does not have good social skills. Participant surveys will help you make internal decisions more quickly.

General conditions:
In addition to the content, participants also evaluate a successful workshop or training course based on general conditions: sanitary conditions in the conference rooms, timing, organization of breaks or reception. Successful and good seminars indicate a high level of satisfaction regarding all of these points. Even if most people believe these are matters of no importance: this is what makes a seminar successful. And if the participant had to pay for the workshop, the expectations are of course even higher. A participant survey will provide you with accurate and detailed information.

Expectations and improvements:
One of the greatest added values in a participant survey are open ended questions concerning expectations and suggestions for improvement. Here, the participants can communicate their thoughts in the survey. You will be surprised on the feedback you receive. Often, it is simply the change of perspective that results in new ideas. The view from within the company and performance is not always objective and coherent with that of a participant.

A participant survey will result in the following possibilities and goals:

Summary Result

  • Identification of participant satisfaction
  • Achieving ISO certification
  • Improvement of the services offered
  • Examination of professional competence
  • Quality management and offer optimization
  • Collection of data statistics
  • Collection of service features
  • Shifting of main focus points
  • Identification of participant`s expectations and needs

Which points should be considered for participant surveys and what is the optimal way to set up the questionnaire for a survey?

Here are a few tips on how to create a survey on the subject of "Participant survey" in order to determine overall satisfaction:


Questionnaire set-up:
Depending on whether you want to cover all aspects in the questionnaire or only specific areas of the seminar, the structure of the questionnaire can vary. In the case of an extensive survey, you should place the content on individual pages sorted by theme. You can introduce a new topic in the participant survey using an intermediate text. However, make sure you do not place too many questions on one page. Ideally, 1-3 questions per page in a participant survey are enough. Begin with simple questions about the order of events/schedule or other general conditions and then ask professional questions regarding content and the instructor`s know-how. Finally, ask the survey participant to make suggestions for improvement or to provide general feedback regarding the seminar.


Inviting participants:
In order to record the participant`s “here and now” impressions, it is recommended to conduct the participant survey directly after a seminar. For this purpose, you can offer the survey on one or two PCs or tablets. If you have asked for participants` email addresses in advance, you can directly send an invitation to participate in the survey after the workshop via easyfeedback. Nowadays, everyone has a Smartphone with access to internet with which the user can call up their emails and therefore, the survey. All surveys from easyfeedback are responsive and automatically adapt in resolution and size to any device.


As with any survey, the layout plays an important role in a participant survey. Show the participants who you are and present your company. By using the layout configurator in the survey tool, you can easily upload your company logo and customize colors, fonts and further elements.


Data protection:
As with any survey, data protection plays an important role. All surveys by easyfeedback are secured by default with SSL. This way, you and your participants can count on maximum security at all times. The survey tool for setting up the questionnaire is also secured with SSL. Furthermore, we offer every customer a free contract for order data processing. You can view more information on data protection and so be assured that you are in control of your data at all times here: Privacy Policy >

We are fully aware of the sensitive data that is collected in surveys. Therefore, we provide you with maximum protection for your participant survey and other surveys according to our data privacy regulations.

The first step is to devise and define your goals. Plan your participant survey with care and achieve great results.