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Through continuous development we have managed to create one of the best online survey tools. It’s simple operation, it`s easy usage concerning recipient lists or the diverse evaluation: easyfeedback is simply easy-to-use.

Easy setup, easy-to-use, easyfeedback.

Online Questionnaire Survey

Live setup

The live-mode allows you to follow the setup of your survey, step by step. You can add questions, elements or even entire pages. With the drag and drop function, you can move each element on a page and so personally design the course of your survey. To view the survey from the perspective of your participants, simply click on the survey preview.

10 Sophisticated Question Types

13 types of questions for high-quality surveys

13 different types of questions with wide-ranging configuration options are available: yes / no, text response, multiple choice, matrix rating, double-matrix rating, opinion scale, rating, slider, ranking, semantic differential scale, variable, sweepstake / newsletter question or media upload.

Preview Question Types
Survey Elements (Text, Image, Video, Audio, Separator Line)

Text, images, video, audio, separator line

In support of the questions, you can position text, images, videos, audios and separator lines within the survey. These can be pasted on each side or on the welcoming and final page. You can easily move the elements with the drag and drop function.

Survey Design Layout Configurator

Individual survey layouts

(White-label service)

Thanks to the extensive layout configurator, you can customize each item within the survey to fit your corporate design. Whether input fields, frames, fonts or the background color: you decide the look of your survey. All surveys are white-label and so, you can easily insert your own logo. Additionally, a CSS editor is available for professionals with which each element can be individualized.

Survey Design Examples
Filter and Jumps

Filters & jumps

Channel your participants through your survey. Through use of filters & jumps, you can separate your participants and so, only let the relevant participants continue to answer the questions. Filters & jumps can be installed at the end of each page and with individual questions.

Logic & Branching in the questionnaire

Complex logics & branching

Logics and branching are an enhancement of filter & jumps. Via logics, you can apply "if-then-or" conditions and as a result, display or hide elements such as questions, text, images, videos or audios. Even whole question pages can be hidden, depending on the previous answers of a participant. This allows you to customize the questionnaire for each participant, individually. Logics can be applied to any type of question and for single words within text responses.


  • Live setup/ survey preview
  • Move elements via drag & drop
  • 13 types of questions and media upload
  • Insert text, image, video, audio and separator line
  • Custom logo (white-label survey)
  • Extensive layout configurator
  • CSS editor
  • Layout templates
  • Page jump (filter / jumps)
  • Logic & branching
  • Validate textboxes

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