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Through continuous development we have managed to create one of the best online survey tools. It’s simple operation, it`s easy usage concerning recipient lists or the diverse evaluation: easyfeedback is simply easy-to-use.

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Survey Stats

Live stats & results

You can track the results of your survey at any point in time. If a participant should answer this second, you can immediately view the result. Furthermore, the dashboard allows a quick overview of the participation statistics through a time scale, as also the most important data concerning the survey.

Filter Settings

Extensive filter settings

Through use of extensive filter settings, the results can be filtered as wished even during an active survey. One or even a combination of several filters can be activated to display the desired result. In addition to the question filters you can filter by date, traffic source, language, participation lists or even more.

Save and share reports

Compare results, save as report and share it

Any view of filtered or comparative results can be saved as a report and called up at any time. Use reports to manage and structure your results. In addition, reports can be shared (Company package). This allows you to send the results simply by link to other people who do not have access to easyfeedback.

OneClick result filter

OneClick filter

With our OneClick filters, you can filter your survey results just by one click. To filter the results quickly, you do not have to create a complete filter, just click on the values in the data table: Whether as a selection or exclusion - the results filter immediately. And if you want to have a second value for filtering, just click on the desired value by a second question.

Compare results

Comparative presentation of results

In addition to the result filters easyfeedback offers comparison filter. This allows you to compare several target groups, departments, perspectives or periods to each other within a survey including percentage development. This provides, for example, be at a 360 degree feedback. About the PDF export the results are fit for presentation, or use the export to Excel, if you want to process the data.

Exit History

Analyze participation behavior

To analyze the participation behavior different charts are available. So you can see which questions were answered, where the exit rate is highest, and how the time participation develops.

Individual chart types

Depending on the type of questions, there are several chart types to choose from. You decide which type of chart best suits your needs to present the results. With a simple click, you can change the chart type and so set the results to fit your presentation. In addition to the general export, each diagram applying to the survey can be exported as an image for a presentation.

Single Results

Conveniently view & group individual results

Besides having the overall outcome and filtered results displayed, the individual results of your survey can conveniently be viewed. You can either view the results of an individual participant or several as a group. Furthermore, the listing in the survey tool allows you to easily track over which channel your survey was accessed and if necessary, who* the participant is.

*The personalized data for each participant can only be displayed if you previously deposited the applicable data for this channel. Generally, the participation is anonymous without any special settings.

Export Results (XLS, CSV, PDF)

Export results (PDF, XLS, CSV, SPSS)

You can easily export each result with a simple click in Excel, CSV, PDF or SAV for SPSS. Preset filters are applied to the export and so, allow you to only export partial results for further processing.


  • Live stats
  • Participation statistics
  • Target group representation
  • Extensive filter settings
  • Compare filter view
    incl. percentage development
  • Exit history
  • Response History
  • Different chart types
  • Single results
  • Export results (PDF, XLS, CSV, SPSS)
  • Show results at the end of survey

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