More functions. More possibilities.

Through continuous development we have managed to create one of the best online survey tools. It’s simple operation, it`s easy usage concerning recipient lists or the diverse evaluation: easyfeedback is simply easy-to-use.

One survey, so many possibilities.

Personalize Survey Link

Personalized & individual survey link

Who or what is easyfeedback? Your participants may not know us, but you know our survey tool. Therefore, we have set up a neutral survey link (, which can also be customized with your company name. This way, we move into the background and you and your company into the foreground. You can also personalize your survey link for each participant and so, easily match the results.

Randomization in the Survey


To avoid a repetitive answer pattern, you can randomize whole pages, individual questions or possible answers. As a result, the questionnaire or individual questions will always appear in a different order.

Single or Multiple Participation in the Online Survey

Single or multiple participation

Per survey, you can decide whether a participant is allowed to take part multiple times or just once. Through various points of identification, the participant can be detected and so, a repeated participation can be avoided. Should your requirements change regarding the survey, i.e. you would like to present your survey on a tablet at a trade fair, then you can change the settings and simply reset afterwards.

Multilingual Surveys

Multilingual surveys

Each survey can be applied to any number of languages. Whether two, three or five languages, for each new language the questionnaire is duplicated and all you need to do is to adjust the language adaptation. In the end, you can view the overall results or the results of each individual language. Furthermore, you have the option of changing the static texts for each separate language.

Edit static Text

Edit static texts & messages

For each survey, you can adjust and customize the static texts & messages and tailor these according to your needs. The adjustment options are available for each newly created language.

Automatic Redirection at the End of Survey

Automatic redirection

As soon as your survey is successfully completed, you have the option of displaying a final page or can choose to redirect your participants to a predefined website. It is also possible to deactivate the welcoming-page. This may be necessary, for instance, if the survey is to be integrated via iFrame or should immediately start with the first question page.

Access Codes for Survey

Access codes & password protection

In addition to setting up a global password for your questionnaire, you can also secure participation via personal access codes. If you wish to avoid that a participant takes part more than once or completes the survey from different locations, then this option is the most secure. The access codes allow multiple participants to take part of your survey over one PC, ensuring that each member can only sign up once.


  • Individual survey link
  • Single or multiple participation
  • Randomize pages, questions & answers
  • Multilingual surveys
  • Edit static texts and messages
  • Automatic redirection
  • Welcome page on/off
  • Access codes & password protection
  • Back button on/off
  • Progress bar on/off
  • Numbering of questions on/off
  • Email reports/ single results
  • Custom privacy policy notice

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