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Create great online surveys with our survey tool and get answers to your questions. easyfeedback is your modern and fairly priced alternative to LamaPoll®.

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Who is easyfeedback

easyfeedback is based in Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate. Our mission is to make surveys attractive again. Participants should feel comfortable and be happy to answer questions. The same idea transports our approach to convenient, time-saving survey creation: easyfeedback offers ease of use for your success.

easyfeedback is the appealing alternative to Lamapoll® with more possibilities

When you talk about feedback management today, several factors are important. One is the budget you have available, the time you need to create questionnaires and the feedback from your participants.

When choosing a survey tool, all three aspects should be considered.

If you compare easyfeedback with LamaPoll®, you will quickly notice that the price for each service package differs. If you look more closely, the individual services also differ. Compare for yourself how much added value fewer services are to you.

In addition to the price, however, from our point of view the usability in the tool and for the participants is much more important. Because here, if the creation and execution of the surveys is quick and easy, you save valuable time and receive a maximum response rate from your participants. The design configurator of Lamapoll® is somewhere identical to others, but what is presented to the participant should be state of the art.

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Benefits of using easyfeedback:​

  • Attractive pricing
  • Strong focus on design & usability
  • Location Germany
  • German servers
  • GDPR compliant
  • Personal support

Your budget is important - compare pricing for yourself

With easyfeedback you get almost double the benefits

Compare and evaluate for yourself whether you should pay more.

With easyfeedback you get a great overall package of services and price.

  • In some cases double the price 
  • Fewer participants on offer
  • Almost identical range of functions
  •  Attractive pricing
  •  More subscribers per service rate
  •  Cheaper premium rates

We succeed when you achieve your goals.

Personal support

Do you have any questions? We’re here to help.

We are happy to assist you with your survey project right from the start. Our support is available to show you all the possibilities with our tool. We would also be happy to give you a demo, where we can give you an all-round view of the survey tool.

We are at your service – even if you have not yet ordered a tariff or if you are only using easyfeedback in the free plan. Just give us a call or send us a message.

Personal support is part of our DNA.

Simply call us:

+49 261 960 987 51

Mo. to Fr. 9am to 5pm CET

Or write us a message with your request:

Flexible plans with fair pricing

From one-time surveys without subscription to team rates

One-time survey without subscription

You only want to conduct one single survey and do not want to take out a subscription? With easyfeedback, you can put together individual services without having to worry about cancellation afterwards.

Discount for annual payment

Are you planning to use different surveys over a longer period of time? Then easyfeedback offers you a discount of two months for annual bookings. This will save you 16%.

Special team rates

Would you like to create and conduct surveys together with your colleagues?Then easyfeedback offers you more favorable team rates, even in the professional area.

Modern SurveyEngine

easyfeedback transforms your surveys into a fresh modern experience – on each and every device!

Umfragen für Smartphone, Tablet und Desktop

Usability optimization for any device.

Automized scrolling, visual confirmations and full keyboard control transform surveys into a modern experience.

Explore our templates 

Your advantages with easyfeedback at a glance:

  • Full control over your data
  • European data privacy protection (GDPR)
  • German servers
  • Support in all plans
  • Flexible & fair prices
  • Modern and appealing design for increased participation
  • Optimized SurveyEngine for any device
  • Corporate Identity within every survey

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