Secure German data protection

Data protection according to GDPR

Anonymous participation in easyfeedback surveys

With regard to the increasingly strict data protection and in order to strengthen the trust in the participants in a survey, it is necessary in many cases that the participation in surveys takes place absolutely anonymously.

Anonymity in a survey is divided into two areas:
1. Technical functions
2. Content-related questionnaire structure

We, easyfeedback, can only guarantee anonymous participation on the technical side. The author (customer) is responsible for the content.

Technically anonymous participation guaranteed!

Basically, the easyfeedback survey tool is designed to be absolutely anonymous. Only when the author (customer) activates personalization or asks for personal data will participation be personalized.

The technical personalization takes place via additions to the survey link. Cookies or IP addresses are collected and processed anonymously (following below).

If only the standard survey link is used for the invitation to participate, then easyfeedback cannot establish a connection between the person and the results – this is technically not possible.

Why is it technically not possible?

Each survey has a unique survey link. It consists of the domain, a custom name, the survey ID and a 6-digit cryptic code.


This information is at least necessary to display a survey. If one character is missing, the survey cannot be opened.

If 100 people receive the identical link and 50 people participate in the survey, the system cannot know which of the 100 people clicked on the link. Any kind of identification is missing.

Therefore, we (easyfeedback) guarantee technically anonymous participation if only the standard survey link is used to invite.

Cookies and IP addresses

The author (customer) can prevent multiple participation by setting a cookie and/or IP block. With cookie blocking, we set a cookie on the device you use to complete the survey and match it with our data. If a cookie with the survey ID is detected on you, this can prevent multiple participation if this has been set by the author (customer). The cookie is automatically deleted after 90 days.

With IP blocking, we read your IP address, encrypt it into a 32-digit non-reverse-encryptable hash and store only this hash on our server. When the survey is called again, we match the hashes. As soon as the survey is deleted, we also delete the hash on the easyfeedback server. This means that your IP address is never stored on the easyfeedback server.

For internal submission of technical anonymity, we have prepared a confirmation for you, which you can download here: