Learn more about the state of exhaustion of your employees with an interactive quiz

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Emotionale, körperliche und geistige Erschöpfung mit einem Burnout-Test ermitteln

With this ready-to-use quiz template, you can monitor the emotional, physical and mental exhaustion of your employees and initiate health-promoting measures at an early stage.

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Content and targets of this template

For many employees a stressful working day is no longer a rarity these days. According to a study, 23% of full time workers in the US are often in bournout mode and 44% reported they sometimes suffer burnout. Burnout has an major impact on mental stress, physicall well-being and even has a negative effect on work performance.

With an online quiz on the subject of burnout, employers can find out above the emotional, mental and physical well-being of their employees at regular intervals.

The risks of burnout should not be underestimated and should be ignored. Burnout can be prevented by providing recreational opportunities for employees at risk. This not only has a positive effect on the performance of the company, but also fulfils the duty of care as an employer.  


• Mental strain
• Physical strain
• Emotional stress
Overload, high performance requirements


• Approach burnout and stress actively
• Fulfilling your duty of care as an employer
• Relieve endangered employees
Improve working atmosphere

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