What to do if the customer cancels the contract unexpectedly? Ask him.

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Erfrage die Kündigungsgründen von Kunden mit einer Umfrage

With our ready-to-use template, you can find out which reasons led to the cancellation and what you can improve in the future to optimize your customers' experience and maintain customer relationships in the long term.

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Content and targets of this template

The customer has cancelled – not a desirable situation. However, the reasons for the cancellation provide you with important insights to prevent further cancellations.

Ask specific questions about weaknesses in the customer journey and use the feedback to improve relationships with your existing customers. Under certain conditions, the customer may even be willing to work with you again?

If, on the other hand, you do not use the feedback from the questionnaire and have no information about the exact reasons, there is still a chance that weak points will remain undiscovered and you will lose customers for the same reasons.


• Affected products / contracts
• Individual reason for termination
• Willingness to return
• Probability of recommendation


Identify typical reasons for termination
• Improve offer
• Win back customers
• Identify problems in current portfolio

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