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Find out how well employee onboarding really works with this ready-to-use survey template. Use the feedback from your employees for better onboarding and familiarization.

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Content and targets of this template

How does your company welcome and guide new employees? Find out how your newcomers feel about your company’s onboarding process.

In the prevailing “war for talent,” every company wants to hire the best employees – but this battle is long and expensive. The problem is that often enough, well-qualified employees leave during their probationary period or within the first year, starting the search all over again. But this does not have to be the case. Especially when good employees are in high demand on the labor market, it is more important than ever to integrate them quickly and, above all, well.

If new employees feel comfortable in the company, your expensively purchased knowledge and know-how will stay with the company longer. The outstanding thing about a good onboarding process is that well-integrated new professionals can contribute profitably to the company much faster – and that motivates both employer and employee.

And word gets around about good onboarding. It is not uncommon for employees to recommend their employer to friends and acquaintances, which attracts more potential top employees!


• Questioning subjective assessment of the hiring process
• Questioning about equipment and resources at the workplace
• Questioning of the employee’s role in the company
• Inquiry about the feeling the new employee has about the company


• To capture the sentiment among new hires
• Feedback on the hiring process, workplace equipment and general guidance of the new employee
• Continuous optimization of the entire onboarding process
• Strengthening and development of the employer brand

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