Connect easyfeedback to your applications and easily automate workflows

With Zapier you have the possibility to connect easyfeedback with over 2,000 web applications. With Zapier you can create automated tasks and workflows that are triggered according to specific actions and parameters. Integrate online surveys into your daily workflows and get more out of the available data.

Created by: Zapier
Zapier acts as a middleman for data transmission.

Examples of integration

  • Get notified when a participant has completed a survey or given a specific answer to a question
  • Send surveys automatically after certain actions


To use the Zapier integration, you need at least one free account for both easyfeedback and Zapier.

Set up integration

To use the Zapier integration, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a free account with easyfeedback
  2. Create a free account with Zapier
  3. Open your paper account and connect easyfeedback to it.

You missing an app?​

Tell us about your use case and for which app an integration should be available.