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easy Fragebogenaufbau Umfrage

Design your questionnaire easily by Drag & Drop

Different question types

easyfeedback offers you 14 different question types, which you can use to design and build the questionnaire of your survey according to your needs. Simply select and position.

Insert videos

Do you have a video, you want to place it in the survey? This is easily possible. Using the video element, you can insert a video at any position and thus design the content of your questionnaire.

Integrate images

Would you like to have pictures rated or visually support your questions? No problem. Simply place one or more images at any position, or use the image question to have your images rated.

Audio Files

"That sounds great," doesn't it? Simply upload an audio file and let your participants rate it in your survey.

Place texts

You can use the text element to place a text at any position in the questionnaire. You can use it as a welcome or closing text, or somewhere within the survey, you are free to design and structure your way.

Page structure

Structure your survey with any number of pages, including one or more questions per page. You are completely free to structure your questionnaire and you can easily move questions in position and even to other pages.

Simple or complex branching out logic depending on response behavior

Fragebogen: Filter & Sprünge

Filters & Jumps

Based on the participant's answers, you can enter a jump destination to where the participant should automatically be directed after his or her answer. The same jump possibility is provided at the end of each page.

Fragebogen: Logiken & Bedingungen

Logics & Conditions

Set individual logics and conditions on entire pages, individual questions, or individual answer options to automatically show or hide them depending on the participant's previous answers.

Fragebogen: Antwort-Piping

Answer piping

Transfer given answers as text into the question title of a subsequent question, or create new answers from given answers in a subsequent question.

Fragebogen: Randomisieren


With a single click, entire pages, individual questions or answer options can be randomized. This way you avoid click patterns and get better results.

More than just a questionnaire: Quiz & Scoring

Score per answer option

Get more out of your questionnaire and discover more divers ways to use it.

With the Quiz / Scoring function you can assign a score to each answer option and perform an action at the end based on the achieved points.

Whether all questions or only a few, you decide at which question you set scores.

More about building of a quiz >

Quiz Points

Anonymous, multilingual & data privacy protected

Umfrage mit Anonymitätsfunktion

Anonymity guaranteed

Gain maximum confidence in your surveys and increase the participation rate with the anonymity function.
Once activated, participation remains anonymous without having to sacrifice the convenience of the individual functions. More about the anonymity functionality >

Mehrsprachige Umfrage erstellen

Multiple language questionnaire

Add any number of languages to your survey and offer each participant the preferred language.
Included language recognition automatically shows the participants preferred language, which they can change any time. More about multiple language functionality >

Umfrage mit Datenchutz

Data privacy protection & active consent

Place your individual data privacy protection information and imprint details directly within the survey.
Wherever you request personal data, you can "actively" obtain the consent of the participants before participation. That way you will always stay on safe ground. More about active consent >

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