Filtering, segmenting and export

Gain fast insights to survey results

Realtime evaluation for maximum insights

Realtime evaluation

If a participant answers this second, the result will be displayed the next second. You receive the results of your survey in real time and without delay.

Diagrams and tables

The results are presented to you as diagrams and tables. Decide which chart fits best to your question and whether you need all or only part of the information displayed.


Start, end, visitor source, participation behavior, devices, time period and jump history, see the most important data of your participants at once and analyze the behavior of your participants.

Export of results

Simply download the results in the desired format: XLS, CSV, SPSS or PDF. Each format exports exactly the data you decided to view online. You don't have to filter again for the exported format.


Filtering results

The extensive filter settings allow you to filter the result based on answers, behavior or statistical values. Gain deeper insights into your survey data.


Do you have an internal guideline when results may start to become visible? No problem. By using the anonymity function you can set a minimum of participants per question to display the result, or easyfeedback will automatically do this for you.

Compare your survey results

The comparison filters in easyfeedback are powerful tools. Gain even deeper insights by comparing time periods, participant groups or response behavior. They are perfectly suitable for presenting the results of a 360-degree feedback.

Create reports and share them

You can use filters to view some of your results. With several filters, you can view different areas of your results. With comparisons you gain the really important insights.

You don't have to prepare each individual view again and again. You can simply save the desired view as a report and recall it any time.

Another advantage of reports, you can simply share them with a link without the recipient needing an easyfeedback license.

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