Questionnaire concept: Be precise when questioning

Combine questions on the same topic

Imagine you want to conduct an internal survey. You try to measure employee satisfaction. 

 The questionnaire should contain questions to find out, what you can easily improve. Your focus is the workstation environment. A question could be like this:

 What should we improve?

( ) Tidiness
( ) Technical equipment
( ) Ergonomics
( ) Team events
( ) Workwear 
( ) etc.

You offer a choice of factors which have proven to have an influence on employee satisfaction.

Could you conclude direct measure for improvement once you see the results? Probably not.

You will see the number of employees who would like to get better equipment. Fine, but which part of the equipment should be improved? Actually, all you have is a different question.

More targeted questions will help you to draw conclusions.

There are different ways to apply more target questions. You could easily just add a second question that arises when an option is chosen.

e.g. for the equipment answer

 Which part of the equipment could be improved?

[Text response field]

 Another way could be like this:

How could we improve the equipment most effectively?

( ) New PC / mobile device
( ) Introduction of different communication tools (Skype etc.)
( ) Better Printers
( ) Better phone equipment
( ) other: _________________

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