Questionnaire concept: Complete the question, sort later

Write and sort

Trying to improve is part of human nature. We try to achieve the best we can. When creating a questionnaire this will slow you down. Leave this trailer behind and speed things up a little.

Just write all the questions you think of. Take notes of incomplete ones. As soon as you can’t think of another, start to map the topic. 

Try to sort them, so everything makes sense. Group them by topics. Of course not only to you, but the participant out there.

It has proven best to start with simple clicking questions. It might be useful to check and divide the target groups as early as possible. 

In an employee questionnaire these factors could be department, location, length of service, hierarchical level etc.

For customer surveys some personal data might be useful. You will need this kind of data to filter the results later.

Market research has shown to put the demographic questions to the end, since those participants don’t know you yet. Especially factors like household income level can easily make people leave. Well, it varies with the areas, but it is surely nothing you tell anybody. Imagine you ask a Swiss banker about his income. He might outspeed a racehorse to get away.

With such sensible questions at the end you still get some feedback. The data will be less detailed than the other, but still you can draw conclusions. Sometimes it is nice to have demographics, but have them from just two thirds of the participants won’t hurt the analysis at all. 

Once you finished the questionnaire, double check that you don’t repeat topics. Either consolidate or erase double topic hits. Avoid participants’ confusion on ‚Didn’t I just answer that before‘-moments.

By now you should be able to review and find anything that is missing. Maybe some questions need to be adjusted a bit. Whenever you get a weird feeling reading something, you found an improvement possibility.

Participants aren’t too patient (7/12)

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