Questionnaire concept: Inspire the participants

Perfect questionnaire design is possible


Before you start writing a question, you should get the targets clear. What do you really want to achieve with this survey?

You cannot achieve an aim you didn’t define. Even if you get there, you wouldn’t know it was the aim. 

Usually every corporate survey fits into one of these three groups: Customers, employees or general market research. Of course there are political surveys, but that’s another cup of tea.

Customers can be divided into three groups; consumers, business customers and possibly future customers. 

Looking for customer feedback we can get more precise on the definition of the desired customer feedback. We could divide consumers (B2C) and get to first-order customers. 

Target definition:

By asking the new customers (first order) among the consumers about the order process, we could gain fresh insights to our order process. We might find some weaknesses and improvements leading to better business and more profit.

This kind of definition for a target group with the purpose seems like a perfect preparation to start with the questions.

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