Questionnaire concept: Make the questionnaire look appealing

Keep it interactive and participants will stay to the end

Anybody has seen a lot of survey. They are boring, they take time. What do you think when somebody asks you to participate while walking down the main street? Would you be enthusiastic about it?

Well, there is a reason they choose to send out young attractive people to stop you on the way. Online we don’t have that personal bonus.

Every survey is a small website, just for a certain purpose. Try to gain viewer attention. You can use animation and multimedia elements. In the end you want to keep the visit here.

It works like in a good bar. The longer the entertainment factor is kept alive, the more they will… well …  answer. Keep the visitor curious, what is next. 


Let us assume, you use a contact form for support or sales funnel purpose. The initial question could be:

‚How can we help you?‘

There could be a normal multiple-choice or some pictures to choose from. The pictures could be entertaining, of course keeping the purpose of each option obvious to anybody. Your questionnaire will be so much more appealing once you use these elements.

Unexpected optical stimulus keeps up the attention. You might choose colors, singling the answer context. 

Variation of question types is another way to keep things interesting. Nobody likes to click through a nine on nine matrix, though it is a proven evaluation type while being the whole questionnaire. 

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