Questionnaire concept: Select the right questions

Choose questions which suit the purpose

In the last step we took the decision about target group and purpose.

Now it is time for the questions. The start is rather simple:

‚How did you like our order process?’ Straight to the point representing the laid down aims. Most probably the answer will be ‚good‘ or similar. If not, the order might have never been placed.

The next step needs more consideration. We still want to improve our order process and need some answers. 

In order to get results we can use, there need to be more details. The right details are the key to the next questions.

Let us start backwards. What do we really need to derive measures from feedback?

We can break down the sales funnel for our orders into small steps. Each step needs to be evaluated on its own.

For an online-shop you might consider this example suitable:

Have you been searching for (product X)?

This will tell us if it was a well-considered purchase or just by impulse, like a special offer.

Did you see this product at the moment you came to our page or did you search onsite?

Did the product information contain all necessary information for your decision?

If not: Which information was missing?

Was it easy to get the right size in our online-shop?
( ) yes
( ) no, why: _________

You had to create an account for the order. Would you prefer to be able to order as a guest user?
( ) yes
( ) no

Which was your preferred payment method?
( ) A
( ) B
( ) C

Would you prefer another billing method?
Which one? ____________

Is the delivery time within 2 to 3 business days convenient or would you prefer faster?

You can see, there are questions targeting certain steps of the order process for feedback on possibly improvable details. You will improve the information quality by using questions directly targeting the steps you like to reconsider. To enhance the quality some further demographic data of the participant groups can help.

Please let us know a bit about you:

Depending on the trade and target group you might find other aspects helpful, too. Possible profession, area (country, city, zip, region etc.), trade of B2B customers etc. could be helpful. It is up to you to determine which information you really need to initiate improvements.

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