Questionnaire concept: Structure

Build a questionnaire to attract a large number of participants

Most probably you are thinking about a survey to get feedback and gain insights to business perception. Well, that’s usually a reason to read this page.

The first question is how to structure the questionnaire. Which questions should be included? How about the design to attract many participants? Of course, the business insight aims need to stay in focus while designing for the participants. 

We face the question about perfect questionnaire for each situation all the time. And these perfect questionnaires sure exist. There is a common master template for maximum response. It is short, it is precise and planned for maximum response. Maybe you have seen it before:

Master Fragebogen

Almost everybody has seen something like this, even if it was long ago. Maybe you even improved it without much thinking.

By cutting one of the three answers away, we get a clear answer. The backside logic could make it move on. Nowadays we talk of going viral when it is online.

It was a simple and clever idea, long before invention of the internet.

Well, these days our target group is a bit bigger than these two. We would prefer answers from all team member, customers or whoever forms our target group. Of course the content has changed as well and we want the answers to take decisions on business.

Inspire the participants (2/12)

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