Questionnaire concept: Text response gems

Divide the opals from the stones

Whenever we construct a questionnaire, we leave a handwriting. No, you don’t need a pen for it. It is simple the way we see our business or the whole industry. Nobody can be perfectly neutral while belonging to that business. Of course we have expectations, which kind of information we would like to see.

Will employees of other departments have the same view? What about customers? Most probably they will see things a bit different.

When you ask personal demographics or product information preferences, simple clicks will surely be preferred. As soon as personal opinion counts, some text response will bring you more details.

Text response contains the real gems

Everybody has a different idea of what is really important. Ask three people and get four opinions. You simply cannot cover this with multiple-choice.

Text response is the way to collect the individual views. You might even get answers to questions, you never asked. Both team members and customers might share an idea nobody could foresee. It is up to you to divide the gems from the rocks among the answer.


Which features would you expect from our product?

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