Questionnaire concept: Watch your words

Come as you are, speak as you are

‚Words are like weapons’, especially if you try to be who you ain’t.

Watch your words and don’t try to be something else. Show your real style. If you have an open and easy culture, use the corresponding wordings. Well, if you are a bank, your language will surely not be the same like for some adventure park.

There is a certain identity for every sector and business. Communicate in style, your style. 

The participants will recognize you from your colors and logo. Once the wording doesn’t fit anymore, they get confused. It is all about audience perception. They should get what they want, or they go where to get it.

Would you really expect us to write like a Swiss bank? Surely not, that’s just not who we are.

Keep it real!

Text response gems (10/12)

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