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The fastest way to reach your customers is via the easyfeedback e-mail invitation tool. Alternatively, you can also invite to your survey via your own mailing tool.

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Online survey for customers posted on sicial media

Social media

Your customers are mobile and connected. Simply place your customer satisfaction survey or customer survey on social networks. With one click, you can simply place the survey in one of the popular networks.

Website and campaign integration

Just put the survey link on your website, or integrate it into individual campaigns or touchpoints in your customer journey. Whether, after purchase, contact with the support team or in a e-mail campaign.

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In love with numbers? We also.

Overall result, customer group or satisfaction. Get an insight into the results and compare them with one click.

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Versatile filtering

Customer group, behavior, satisfaction, language, answers, etc. Set individual filters, once or in combination, and evaluate the result of your customer survey according to your own criteria.

Individual reports

Create different reports and share them with the management or other involved persons in your team.

Comparison filtering

Win deeper insights into customer needs with comparisons. Compare time periods, groups or responses and share the results.

Result export

Export the overall result, partial results or comparisons of the customer survey simply by clicking in the desired format.


Analyze the complete customer journey

From initial contact, through feedback after the purchase process till support - get insights into your customers and their needs.
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Customer Satisfaction

Customers who are satisfied will continue to be customers, or make another purchase at a later date. And satisfied customers will recommend you and your product. Thus, you will win twice if you keep an eye on the satisfaction and then adapt your processes accordingly. The first thing to do, however, is to determine satisfaction and to turn negative experiences into positive ones.

Support Feedback

After the customer has decided for you, you enter into a longer-term commitment with him. While using the product, the most common contact is through the support team. Thus, this is after the purchase your interface to the customer. If the customer is not sufficiently served here, or collects bad experiences, the likelihood that the customer stays with you decreases. So always have a look at the communication with your customers.

Experience Feedback

Everything looks good. The website is up and your online marketing campaigns are running and generate traffic. Everything is great for you - you have developed the structure of the website. But does the user understand this exactly and does he find his way? It's usually pretty simple on small sites, but once you've got a nested online store, it gets harder. If the customer does not find what they are looking for, they can quickly get away from your website. Check the experience on your website at regular intervals.

Needs Analysis

Often, at the beginning it is not exactly clear what the customer or future customers would like to have, or where his needs are. He will probably tell you that he knows full well, but with many products, such as insurance or real estate, detailed questions determine the choice of product. With a questionnaire to his needs you will get the necessary information you need to place an sale.

Contact Form

Turn your contact form from a standard form into a living experience. On one side you will surprise your customers with it and on the other side you have many more options to receive information in order serve the best request.

Market Research

The introduction of new products or services should be supported by a prior search. This allows you to identify the customer's needs prior to development and to make corrections to the direction of the strategy. With a targeted customer survey, you receive quick feedback and can incorporate this into the development of the prototype / product.

Newsletter Feedback Quality

Newsletters are an important marketing channel that keeps you connected to your customers and attracts new customers. As a rule, you will receive feedback relatively rarely, or only from the customers you already love. But what about the rest of the recipients? A good newsletter is often read and recommended. Just place a short feedback form at the end of the newsletter and get direct feedback on your individual newsletters.

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API to customer survey

API - one interface, many possibilities

Read, anonymize (GDPR) or delete survey results - the easyfeedback API (interface) gives you the ability to get access to your results and transfer them to third-party systems. Automate complex processes in customer care and react when a customer is dissatisfied.

Data Protection Customer Survey GDPR

Data protection "made in Germany" (GDPR)

The security of your data and your customer has the highest priority. With easyfeedback you rely on a tool that meets the requirements of German data protection. Find out everything about the measures and how you can implement your survey in compliance with data protection.

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„Guest Experience up!“ and „People Engagement up!” are two of four main key deliverables in TUI Destination Experiences.
On order to deliver against these objectives, we continuously need to challenge ourselves and to further develop our business - and whom to give better impulses for that then our guests or our colleagues?
We’re using easy feedback for internal and external surveys – quick, easy and convenient! The straightforward, always friendly support puts a smile on our face and we’re highly valuing the constant development of the platform.
A great way to be always on the pulse of what matters for our customers and colleagues!

Jennifer Fischer
Guest & Competitor Insights Analyst

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