Gain important insights with market research surveys

Get to know the sales market with market research surveys. The relevant information will help you to identify opportunities and risks as well as trends at an early stage and minimize the risk of wrong decisions. A survey is the best way for you to get to know your target group, test products before or during development or let them participate in marketing measures.

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Traget group analysis
Product research
Campaign research
Brand awareness

Target group analysis

Age, sex, net household income, number of children, residence. All important information to know your own target group . But what private interests does your target group have? Do they like classical music or are they rock festival goers? If you know where your target group is privately located (offline and online), you can align your marketing strategy accordingly and win further customers.

Product research

Before you develop new products completely, it is recommended to test the needs and wishes on the target group. This will provide you with valuable insights regarding willingness to buy, development potential, product marketing and market positioning. However, not only newly developed products are part of product research, but also an already existing product can be continuously optimised to meet customer requirements. Ask your customers where you could further improve your product to strengthen and enhance your market position. What would improve your product to such an extent that you would stand out from the competition? Where are there weak points and where are there customer wishes that you yourself cannot see at the moment? Measure product satisfaction and give your customers what they need. With a short survey you will gain valuable insights.

Campaign research

You have developed a new campaign on your own or with your advertising agency. You have several drafts and strategies at your disposal, but you cannot decide which of the campaigns is worth the budget and you do not know which campaign will ignite in the target group. questioning just ask your existing customers. They know your product and can give you feedback on your campaigns before you spend your marketing budget with the wrong strategy.

Brand awareness

Do you sell a high-quality branded product, or does your positioning lie in offering different brands? In both cases you should know your target group. How brand-affine are your customers? With a short online survey you can gain important insights into demographic characteristics and affinity to brands in order to optimize your marketing strategy.

Your benefits of market research surveys

High reach

Online questionnaires enable you to reach a very large audience worldwide and in a short time. Your participants can be easily generated via e-mail, social networks or your own website. Publish independently or with easyfeedback your market research survey and receive direct feedback. The received feedback will provide you with important Insights to make your company or product even more successful.

Real-time data evaluation

Gain insight into the results – in real time – and compare them with each other. This allows you to gain initial insights into trends, opportunities and risks at an early stage, but also to make timely adjustments to questions contained in your survey. Create different reports and share them easily via a link with department heads, management or other people involved.


A online survey is a simple and cost-effective research method to collect and evaluate quantitative data. Due to its digital nature, there are no printing or shipping costs. In addition, you save on personnel costs due to the lack of manual transmission and evaluation of the data.

A strong basis of trust for your market research

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Anonymity on/off

Every participation in easyfeedback surveys is anonymous by default. However, it is sometimes necessary that participation is personalised. You decide to what extent you want to personalize: Name, place of residence, target group or completely – it is up to you.
DSGVO-konformer Datenschutz

Server location Germany

The security of your data and your customers has the highest priority. With easyfeedback you are using a tool that meets the requirements of German data protection according to DSGVO. The storage and processing of your data takes place exclusively in Germany. Find out here all about the measures and how you can implement your market research survey in compliance with data protection regulations.

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easyfeedback - Software for market research surveys

Modern & Cross-Device optimizied

Device independent use

Surveys from easyfeedback adapt 100% automatically any end device. Whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone, with easyfeedback your market research participants can transmit their independent feedback in a convenient and user-friendly way.

Advertise survey

With easyfeedback you can reach your market research participants anywhere: whether by e-mail, your own website or in social networks. easyfeedback offers you a variety of ways to promote your market research survey.

Maximum Insights

Evaluate your market research survey without time delay, set individual filters, individually or in combination, or compare time periods, participant groups or response behavior with each other for deeper insights. export export the result as XLS, CSV, SPSS or PDF file.

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“We use easyfeedback for internal and external surveys – fast, convenient and “easy”! The uncomplicated and cordial support puts a smile on our faces and we are happy about the continuous development of the platform”.

Franziska Becker
Guild Lead User Experience Research
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“”The identification of user needs is part of the essential core of our business. easyfeedback has accompanied us in this task for several years. We especially appreciate the intuitive usability and the professional support.”

Jennifer Fischer
Guest & Competitor Insights Analyst
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Guest Experience up! and People Engagement up! are two of our most important destinations in TUI Destination Experiences. In order to achieve these goals, we must constantly challenge and develop ourselves – who gives better impulses for this than our guests and our colleagues? We use easyfeedback for internal and external surveys – fast, convenient and “easy”! The uncomplicated and cordial support puts a smile on our faces and we are happy about the constant development of the platform. A great opportunity to always have our finger on the pulse of our customers and colleagues!

Jennifer Fischer
Guest & Competitor Insights Analyst

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