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Whether as part of a thesis, for scientific research purposes or the evaluation of educational institutions, surveys are an important source of information for gaining targeted insights and potential for improvement. Gain important insights with ready-made survey templates for students and in education.

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Every event requires prior planning, even if you have already held it thousand times. On the one hand, there are organizational points to clarify and on the other hand, content-related points. With a short survey for the planning of a parents’ evening, you will quickly receive feedback and can incorporate wishes.


Especially in education, surveys can reveal enormous potential for decision-making and valuable improvement measures. The feedback that comes from pupils, students or other stakeholders of schools and universities provides important information especially for teachers and administrators of the educational institution.

Students are the focus of schools and universities in particular. But what about their satisfaction? If they are dissatisfied, then this transfers to the teaching staff and in the end to the “reputation” of the school, or university. Don’t lose sight of the students. Teachers also gain valuable potential for improvement through constructive feedback from students or colleagues.


To achieve a bachelor’s or master’s degree, students must submit a thesis in a chosen subject area. An online survey of the industry or target group helps to support the thesis. Learn from this example how you can support your thesis with a short online survey.

Your advantages of surveys in studies and education

Quick implementation & time saving

An already designed questionnaire can be technically implemented, carried out and evaluated quickly using an online survey tool such as easyfeedback. In addition, with a digital questionnaire you can reach a large number of participants in a short time and without much effort.

Anonymous participation

Surveys are only likely to be answered openly and honestly by pupils, students or other people involved as long as they are anonymous. This is where online surveys from easyfeedback can help. Every survey participant is anonymous by default, so no one has to be afraid of giving their honest opinion.

Cost-effective solution

With digital surveys, you can collect both quantitative and qualitative data cost-effectively. You incur neither printing nor shipping costs. You can also significantly reduce personnel costs with the help of online surveys compared to face-to-face, telephone or written surveys.

A strong foundation of trust for your market research

Anonymity for participation in surveys guaranteed


All participation in easyfeedback surveys is anonymous by default. However, it is sometimes necessary for participation to be personalized. You decide how far you want to personalize: Name, place of residence, target group or all of them – it is up to you.
GDPR compliant online surveys

Server location Germany​

The security of your data and your customers is a top priority. With easyfeedback, you are relying on online survey software that meets the requirements for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The storage and processing of your data takes place exclusively in Germany. Find out everything about the measures and how you can implement your market research survey in a data protection-compliant manner here.

easyfeedback - Software for student surveys

Easily collect empirical data for research purposes

Reach participants anywhere

With easyfeedback you can reach your participants on different platforms: whether by email, your own website, or in social networks. easyfeedback offers you a wide range of possibilities, which you can use according to your requirements in studies or education.

Create a questionnaire very easily

With the questionnaire editor of easyfeedback you can design your student survey simply by drag & drop. You can choose from 14 different question types. Use simple or complex branching logic and place media such as image, video and audio in your survey.


Real-time evaluation & export

With easyfeedback you can see your survey results without time delay and in real time. Export the results as PDF, XLS, CSV, or SPSS and process the data set with your desired statistical software.


“We use easyfeedback for internal and external surveys – fast, convenient and “easy”! The uncomplicated and cordial support puts a smile on our faces and we are happy about the constant further development of the platform.”

Franziska Becker
Guild Lead User Experience Research

“The identification of user needs is part of the essential core of our business. easyfeedback has accompanied us in this task for several years. We particularly appreciate the intuitive usability as well as the professional support.”

Jennifer Fischer
Guest & Competitor Insights Analyst

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Süddeutsche Zeitung logo

Süddeutsche Zeitung has been using easyfeedback since 2016 for onsite surveys of its readers and for internal employee surveys. On, we continuously measure reader satisfaction, collect suggestions for improvements to the website and apps, and gather feedback on new ideas. The SZ editorial team uses easyfeedback surveys to collect information for current research.

We decided on easyfeedback because we want to be flexible in the content of surveys and data protection is very important to us. In addition, easyfeedback offers many options for integrating surveys into our digital products. A frequent use scenario: We use easyfeedback in combination with Google Tag Manager and play out surveys on targeted to specific reader groups. In this way, we obtain data from the relevant readers and achieve low dropout rates.

Claudia Urschbach
Senior User Research

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