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Selected videos – easyfeedback live presented

1. Survey structure


How to create, duplicate, delete and more


How to equip your survey with question types, elements & media


How to customize the layout of your survey


How and which settings you can adjust for your survey


How you can customize the course of the survey


How to randomize pages, questions, text and images in your survey

2. Invite participants


How you can invite your participants via survey link

video thumbnail 2 email invitation

How to invite your participants to your survey by email


How to integrate surveys into your website and participants

3. Evaluation of the results


How the evaluation of your questionnaire in easyfeedback works


How to filter and compare survey results by criteria


How to customize the presentation of results and diagrams

Inspiration - more than just a survey

Darrell, Darryl or Daryl?

Update master data or business cards easily

Event registration

Know in advance who will participate in the event

360 degree

Demonstrate self-assessment and external assessment

Lead generation

New customer acquisition with a quiz and Hubspot

Microsoft Teams

Share results from surveys with easyfeedback in Microsoft Teams

Double Opt-In Process

Email verification with two surveys

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Here are the answers to most of your questions:

Welcome to easyfeedback! You might be here for the first time today. Could be, you found us during online research or stumbled upon one of our customers’ surveys. In case of a referral we should both be thankful for the opportunity of introduction.

Easily create and conduct online-surveys, questionnaires, feedback forms & sheets or polls with easyfeedback. You can even analyze the results online. The online survey tool provided by easyfeedback was created to simplify the creation of surveys in a modular design. You can simply choose all these components, making it fast and easy: Individual and adjustable questionnaire editor, Questionnaire layout and design options to implement your ideas, Various ways of inviting participants, Real-time results analysis, and so much more…

Our questionnaire editor allows you to create your online surveys the way you like. You can create content and design according to any desired topic, on which you would like feedback. There are some templates ready to use for classic applications of questionnaires like employee surveys360 degree feedbackcustomer surveys, supplier surveys, market research, event feedback, or even academic purposes with empirical research and scientific surveys. Furthermore, easyfeedback is also used for the creation of online forms as well as online quizzes and provide solutions for public and private use: You can plan group journeys, prepare neighborhood events, celebrations and much more. 

The only limit we know is imagination. Let your creativity run free. There are a few inspirations among the templates to show some possibilities. You can adjust any of them to your needs, or easily create something completely new.

There are more practical tips to our survey tool in our help center. Of course you can also contact our support to address your questions.

If you take a look around, there are several online survey tool providers out there. Surely the choice is not so easy. Let us give you a quick overview of the easyfeedback advantages. We hope to make the choice much easier for you.

Every survey tool provider has a certain package to offer with a business idea behind it. Before you can compare them, you need to define the purpose of the comparison. The targets are clearly the first thing to define. What do you want to achieve? What is your benefit of using this tool?

Would you like to conduct a small survey, testing the tool for free? – Well, that’s what we offer. Would you like to create a questionnaire without learning a complicated tool? – We surely provide that. Do you care about data privacy protection and participants’ anonymity? – That’s what we got. Do you need a customer feedback tool? – Here we are. Would you like to get employee feedback on their job satisfaction, to make improvements? – You will find it among our templates. How about free support while you create and conduct your surveys? – We are there for you. Should a survey tool offer you different applications for customers, employees and any other idea you might have tomorrow? Here we are, with our collection of templates and flexibility to create more.

You may have noticed that easyfeedback opens up a lot of possibilities. Yes, they are too many to list. We still discover more every day. Just give it a try…

Start without previous knowledge requirements

Guess where our name came from? easyfeedback doesn’t require any prior knowledge on questionnaire creation, it is easy to use. The survey tool is structured to let you find anything on intuition. There are no complex structures to search. With our easy to use system you can concentrate on your desired appliances. We focused on keeping it simple and offering a lot of different possibilities the same time.

Extensive amount of possibilities

The possibilities are only limited by your ideas and needs. There was the classic way to divide surveys for customers and employees. Nowadays there is much more, as you can discover among our templates. You can use questionnaires for any other topic you desire. The flexible survey engine by easyfeedback can offer you the possibility of endless layouts. You don’t need another tool anymore, you can design your questionnaire directly in easyfeedback.

Professional survey tool

In addition to the mentioned, the impression on the participants is a key to survey success. You might find some old-fashioned looks, when you compare survey tools. Well, the 1990s are over and so is their design. To get the right impression to the participants’ head and eyes, you will need modern design transporting your corporate identity. You can fully adjust easyfeedback to your corporate color scheme and designs.

Great usability at any participants device – responsive design, 100% mobile ready

Mobile web usage outnumbers desktop devices by far. This development continues with people even using their mobile devices at home. To keep up with technology using habits, surveys must go mobile, too. You have to make sure every survey is 100% suitable for mobile participation these days. But don’t worry, easyfeedback provides mobile optimized surveys automatically. You can easily create your survey and it will look great on mobile phones, too.

Personal support when you need it

You have a question, we have the answer. Many others will claim the same and redirect you to some webpage. We live up to this promise. Our support is available in many ways. You can just write to our support. We will help you right away.

Flexible and very competitive pricing

We have a few different plans for you. They fit into two categories. You can book monthly or yearly, like it is usual in our sector. The second option is unique. We offer you a fixed amount of surveys with automatic ending. You can even book a single survey. It is up to you, whatever you prefer for your surveys. And when a time comes and you suddenly need more: You can upgrade anytime.

European data privacy protection

Data privacy protection has become a major issue during recent years. You should be aware, there are several rules these days. Sometimes you will even want to ensure anonymity for participants, in other cases data privacy is just a legal demand. At easyfeedback we handle data privacy protection very seriously. Under European and German data privacy protection laws, we have several measures in place, which are more strict than in other parts of the world. Every team member is aware of the necessity to ensure privacy, in addition we have an external data protection officer. Participant and customer data is transferred only via SSL and all our servers are located in Germany. You can find out more details in our separate data privacy protection area.

Whenever you choose an online survey tool, you take the decision on entrusting data. The provider will collect, process and store the data for you. We at easyfeedback know exactly what that means to you. It is a matter of trust. Like ourselves you cannot create an own solution for every process of your business. You need somebody to handle a few things for you, like all of us. It helps you to save resources, which you will deploy more efficiently.

Even before GDPR and the German DSGVO were in place, we were determined to provide the highest standards on availability and security. Data privacy protection is a serious topic. We would like you to feel comfortable about your surveys, while easyfeedback ensures that European legal requirements are met. You can find all the necessary information and documents on our data privacy protection page.

Furthermore, there are a few functionalities to enable you to easily meet the GDPR requirements while using easyfeedback for your surveys:

  • Search functionalities for personalized data sets within the account
  • Data privacy protection placement opportunities in each survey
  • Active opt-in function to agree to data privacy protection agreement
  • SSL encryption of survey links
  • SSL encryption of account access
  • Access to account logs
  • Password policy implementation for user accounts
  • Time based Login denial
  • Automatic deletion possibilities
  • Technically anonymous participation (no backtracking possible)

Data Ownership – Your data stays your data!

We at easyfeedback will never claim rights on your survey data. All the data you store in our survey tool stays your data, and only your data. Unlike others, we won’t use your data for any other purpose. We won’t even analyze anonymized versions of your results. Your data stays your data alone. That is what easyfeedback calls data ownership.

You will have full access to your data at any time. This includes the possibility of deletion, whenever you want. As soon as you delete your data, we will just keep them for 14 days more in a backup. On the 15th day the deleted data will be gone there as well. It is all in your hands alone.

The creation of a first online survey is really simple. Let us guide you through five steps to successfully get first feedback:

  1. Account creation

    In case you didn’t create an account with easyfeedback, this would have to be first. Simply log in to your account. Now you will have access to the survey tool. Registration is 100% free without any obligations.

  2. Questionnaire, with or without template

    Once you logged in, you will see the dashboard where you can create surveys. Just click on „create new survey“. You can choose whether you want to start with an empty questionnaire or one of the templates. All the templates are included.

  3. Questionnaire structure

    Once you created your questionnaire, you will see the editor. You can build your questionnaire right here. Simply add questions, text, pictures, audio or video elements. You can also add more pages with the „+“ button. More pages will help you to structure the questionnaire, according to participant needs. The choice of different question types will help you to meet the participants’ preferences.

  4. Layout and design

    Show your colors at a first glance. You can edit layouts to add your colors, logo and fonts. You can do it for all your surveys the same way, or unique for each. It is all up to you.

  5. Invite the participants

    As soon as the questionnaire is finished, you can start the invitations. Simply copy the link or use the email invitation tool. You will automatically receive a QR code, too. There are several ways you can address participants, when using easyfeedback.

Yes, you can use easyfeedback totally for free. You can even create as many questionnaires as you like in the free plan. Of course, the functionalities are limited like in any other tool you will get for free. Once you realize you need more, the upgrade is really simple.

Once you upgrade, the additional functionalities of the chosen plan will immediately become available. In case you are not so sure which plan to choose: Just contact us and we will help you to make the right choice for your project.

In addition to the 100% free of charge free tariff, easyfeedback offers you other tariffs with more services and functions at reasonable prices.

Our tariffs are ideal for pupils & students, self-employed persons as well as for small and large companies.
No matter whether you want to conduct a one-time survey or several surveys, even across departments, easyfeedback offers the right tariff for everyone.

For more information about the offered tariffs and the corresponding prices and services, please click here.

Over 5000 satisfied customers from all industries have already conducted independent surveys.
In the Customers section you will find some selected companies that already use easyfeedback successfully.
You are welcome to have a look at the comparison platform Capterra to see reviews from users of our survey tool.

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