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A quiz is more than just a game. Create your quiz for lead generation, customer retention, learning of facts or just for fun.

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Antje Helpup

Prof. Dr. Antje Helpup


 With the flexibility of easyfeedback we can quickly generate interactive content and additional value for our customers. Our study on agility led to immediate results for our company and enabled us to draw conclusions on different sectors.

Advantages of a quiz at management level:

 Interactive customer loyalty creation
 Expansion of the product portfolio
 Customer acquisition and retention
Quiz Beispiel Agilitätsstudie

Quiz "Agility study"

Daniel Moroser
Daniel Moroser


 Employee qualification has become our permanent core responsibility. The development starts with the selection of applicants and includes ongoing further education. easyfeedback provides an opportunity for competence assessment. Our burnout quiz is used for staff monitoring and prevention measures.

Advantages of quiz / scoring in human resources:

 Screening of applicants
 Employee and external partner auditing
 Recall and retention of acquired knowledge
Quiz Beispiel Burnout

Quiz "Burn out"

It's so easy to create a quiz

With easyfeedback you do not need any programming skills to create a quiz. With just one click you can easily create your own individual quiz. Try it directly!

1. Questionnaire Editor: Create questions using drag & drop

The intuitive questionnaire editor is perfect if you want to build a quiz. Just create the question you want. Drag and drop the questions into the desired order and define the sequence of the quiz.

Quiz questionnaire

2. Design: Looks great on any device

Your company – your design. Simply adapt your quiz to your Corporate Design using the Layout Configurator and show the participant who you are. With automatic adaptation to any device, you can reach your target audience everywhere, without having to make any further settings.

Quiz Design Mobile

3. Result calculation: points or correct answers

Classic, as in the driving school, for the right questions or for an individual points system. The settings for the result evaluation can be selected as desired. For each answer option, assign a score value or define answers as correct.
Depending on the number of points reached or correct answers, an individual recommendation for action or an automatic forwarding takes place. This offers you countless possibilities for your quiz.

Quiz show right answers

Almost everything you need to know about seminar surveys

Simply explained, a quiz is a question and answer game, in which knowledge is tested in a creative and playful way in the form of a trivia quiz or skills and abilities are tested in a personality quiz on the course of several questions.

As a learning, puzzle or brainteaser game, it has a fun, entertaining and sometimes competitive character that is popular with young and old alike.

A good quiz is characterized by the fact that it provides fun and entertainment on the one hand and encourages participation on the other. It should be instructive to impart knowledge with the help of facts, but should always be entertaining.

A good quiz should also be short and creative. Quiz questions can be varied and age-appropriate and vary in the difficulty of answering them. Feel free to use challenging questions. This creates motivation and curiosity when answering the quiz question.

Online quizzes have several advantages, which we are happy to list below:

1. Easy & flexible creation and adaptation

With an online quiz tool like easyfeedback, a quiz can be created quickly, easily and flexibly. Quiz questions can be moved into the desired order by drag & drop to guide the participants dynamically through the survey.

In addition, interactive content can be quickly created for an online quiz and, if required, can be adapted and expanded after the quiz is published. This way you can always create added value for your quiz participants.

2. Individual design

An online quiz created using a quiz tool such as easyfeedback can be quickly and easily designed according to your individual wishes and ideas and adapted to your corporate design. With easyfeedback you can integrate colors, fonts, images and your personal logo.

3. Use of different question types & media

Whether yes/no, ranking or multiple choice questions, you can create your quiz with a variety of different question types. These ensure entertaining variety and a higher fun factor for the quiz participants.

Additionally, you can add audio, video, image and text files to your quiz.

4. Reach many participants

With an online quiz, you can reach your quiz participants in a variety of digital ways. For example, a quiz can be shared via social media or integrated on your own website. The quiz can also be integrated and sent by e-mail.

5. Involve the target group

Strengthen customer loyalty, acquire new customers, maintain existing customers or use a quiz as a teaching tool in the school system. An online quiz offers you a variety of possibilities to involve your target group in a creative and playful way.

6. Give user-defined feedback

With an online quiz, you can give participants individual feedback both if they give correct answers and if they give incorrect answers. For example, by displaying the correct answers or by providing instructive content and facts.

These user-defined feedbacks are particularly helpful in closing knowledge gaps.

7. Automatic evaluation and presentation of results

With an online quiz, with the right quiz tool, you can save a lot of time in evaluating the answers. In addition, after each question the result and the correct answer can be displayed directly to the quiz participant.

With easyfeedback, you also have the option of forwarding the quiz to specific websites or displaying individual feedback based on the results achieved.

8. Mobile capable

According to a survey by Deloitte, 89% of Germans own a smartphone, 94% of whom use their smartphone every day. This makes the smartphone an indispensable companion for many. Therefore a quiz should always be optimized for mobile participants.

Online quizzes with easyfeedback are automatically optimized for each end device. This allows you to reach your quiz participants at any place and at any time.

At the beginning of the creation of your quiz, you should consider what topic you want to reach with what goal and who your desired target group (employees, customers, students, etc.) is.

This will help you to design the quiz in an appealing way for the target group you want to reach and to fill in the relevant content according to the topic.
In the next step you have to think about the procedure and requirements of quiz creation. For example, if the quiz is to be created with an online tool like easyfeedback, requirements and evaluation criteria must be defined for the choice of a quiz tool.

You also need to consider how and where the quiz should be integrated, for example in school lessons or on the website of an online store. Once the construction and content of the quiz is finished, the whole thing is packaged in a modern and attractive design that encourages participation.

Before publication, the quiz should be tested with several people and revised if necessary.

In the following, we have prepared a few tips for designing your quiz. Further tips can also be found in our blog article on creative and interactive lead generation with a quiz.

Tip 1: Create a quiz with added value

Make the quiz meaningful, entertaining and create interactive and exciting content that motivates participation. Offer the participant or your target group added value.

Tip 2: Create a unique & creative quiz design

Customize the layout of your quiz so that the participant is distributed through the visuals alone to participate in the quiz. By customizing colors, images and logos, quiz participants can be motivated to participate and you will be remembered.

Tip 3: Support wrong answers with facts and content

Especially if you design your quiz as a trivia quiz, i.e. a quiz to test knowledge, the participants expect that there is instructive information and facts behind the answers and especially if the answers are wrong.

The instruction gives the participants a clear motivational boost by playing through your quiz from start to finish and checking their own results at the end.

Tip 4: Use different question types

Especially when creating an online quiz, the possibilities are more diverse than with a paper quiz. Therefore, use the opportunity to use different question types when designing the online quiz than always only yes/no or true/false questions.

Spice up the quiz with ranking questions, picture questions or multiple choice questions. This creates variety in the answers to your quiz questions. Design the quiz according to your wishes.

Tip 5: Watch out for mobility

Set the Quiz Compatible for Smartphones and Tablets. This allows the participant to take part in the quiz easily and conveniently at any time, even when on the move.

Tip 6: Sweepstakes as motivation driver

To make the quiz even more attractive and to increase the participation rate, you can also integrate a raffle, depending on the target group, which can be integrated quickly and easily with easyfeedback.

Whether you create your own online quiz for pure entertainment, for further education Whether you create your own online quiz for pure entertainment, for further education of employees or as a tool for customer acquisition A quiz offers opportunities, can be used in many different ways and is more than just a game.

1. Quiz for employee surveys

Use an interactive quiz in the area of employee surveys, for example, to find out the state of exhaustion of employees with a burn-out quiz or to consolidate learning and further training contents in a targeted manner. Another application example in the area of human resources would be the pre-qualification of applicants by means of a knowledge test.

2. Quiz for customer surveys

Strengthen customer loyalty, acquire new customers or entertain existing customers with a quiz you can conduct customer surveys in an interactive and playful way.

Create an online quiz for a customer satisfaction survey, a product satisfaction survey or as a traffic booster for your website, for example. A quiz can also be used for events, contests and raffles.

3. Quiz for courses and in the school system

A quiz can be integrated to evaluate and assess your course, among other things. A quiz is also suitable for consolidating learning content through short knowledge checks with participants and students.

4. Further possible uses of a quiz

Personality tests, general knowledge tests, city quizzes, IQ tests, puzzles, and event-related quizzes such as at Christmas parties or sporting events are possible. There are no limits to creativity.

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