Why easyfeedback? We have a passion for surveys.

We are curious – in private as well as professional. Through feedback, we get a picture from outside and can initiate improvements based on it. Classic surveys are still the only way to get timely valid data. The use and benefit of surveys is as varied as your business …

Dennis W. CEO easyfeedback

Dennis Wegner
Founder & CEO

Why another Tool?

At the beginning, Dennis Wegner also asked himself: “There are already tools.” But none of the tools was build so comfortably and structured to create and conduct easy surveys. 3 months later, the first version of easyfeedback was released. From today’s perspective very rudimentary, but very easy to use.

Today after 8 years we have grown. easyfeedback has become a versatile tool for every survey. The limit of possibilities lies in the creativity of the imagination.

At that time, as today, the focus is on simple operations. Usability is only half the battle. What is the best usability for you if the survey is a catastrophe for the participant? Nothing. And what is the best usability for you if “surveys” are not attractive in themselves? Also nothing. As a former designer, this has been Dennis Wegner’s claim right from the beginning: design.

Surveys must be sexy again. No one is waiting for a survey to finally attend. On the contrary, surveys do not have the most attractive reputation. Therefore, it is more important that we treat our customers and employees with care, and surprise them with a great design.

Surveys must be fun again – for the creator and the participant.

Small, efficient team

You do not need a large company to get good products. On the contrary, with every big company you are just one number. With us you are a customer and can reach us anytime by phone and by mail. Just call – even if you just want to talk.

Thanks to the small team size, we are very flexible, which can be strong in bugfixes. If we discover a bug or someone told us, it is usually fixed and online mostly on the same day.

Size is good, but the proximity to you must not be left lying there.

You have an idea how we can
improve further? We are looking forward to your message!