The European alternative to SurveyMonkey®

easyfeedback is the European alternative to SurveyMonkey®

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Who is easyfeedback

easyfeedback is a German company from Koblenz. There is a huge difference between easyfeedback and SurveyMonkey® easyfeedback is located in the European Union. We are absolutely compliant to European GDPR and German DSGVO without the effect of conflicting laws from other areas

What is the importance of location?

Location determines which local laws apply. Especially in connection with data privacy protection, there can be huge differences.

SurveyMonkey® is located in the USA, where some security law packages have weakened data privacy. Most data is no longer confidential there. The Patriot Act was just a first step. According to Patriot Act, companies located in the US must forward data to governmental agencies, without any court decisions needed.

The CLOUD Act is rather new and extended the effects of the Patriot Act across borders. According to the CLOUD Act, American companies are obliged to hand over data from their servers outside the US. If an American company tells you about servers in the EU, be aware: That doesn’t mean a thing for US government agencies!

Datenschutz nach deutschem Datenschutz

Advantage easyfeedback:

– Company located in the EU, Germany
– GDPR compliant
– DSGVO compliant
– German servers
– no effect of the Patriot Act
– No effect of the CLOUD Act
– Everything under European Union law in Germany

„SurveyMonkey® states, they use servers in Europe. According to the CLOUD Act that won’t be a protection to your data at all. To American governmental institutions, only the headquarter of the server owning company counts. SurveyMonkey® is an American company.“

100% data ownership

Your data at easyfeedback stays your data!

These methods are common in the US and areas under similar law, and they allow to make money from your data.

Easyfeedback will not use data to make secondary business. Your data is just there for you.

  • Benchmarking
  • Use of survey results for advertising
  • Transfer of data to third parties according to fair use
  •  NO benchmarking
  •  NO use of your data at all
  •  NO transfer of data to third parties

Your data stays your data at easyfeedback.

100% data ownership!

Personal support

Any questions? We will reply.

In case you ever tried to contact SurveyMonkey®

upfront, you know that is truly a challenge. It is surely not easy to
find a way to reach them at all. If you are really lucky you might reach somebody in Ireland, who is not even from SurveyMonkey. Support on phone is a premium feature for them.

easyfeedback is there for you. We will answer your questions. You can write to us, making the conversation independent from time zones. We have a nice contact form, just like we offer it among our free templates.

Personal support is implemented to the DNA of easyfeedback.

Simply call us:

+49 261 960 987 51

Mo. to Fr. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET

You write, we answer:

Flexible plans with fair pricing

Get surveys your way, from single survey booking to premium team offers

Single survey without subscription

You just want one survey, and only one?! You don’t want to subscribe for a year? Then easyfeedback is the right choice for you. Create your individual package for one survey without subscription. Of course you can book more than one, too. No need to watch any subscription time, there is none.

Discounts on yearly payments

You want to conduct several surveys over time? Good choice! We at easyfeedback offer you a discount of two full month with every yearly subscription. You will save 16% with annual payment compared to monthly bookings on the same plan.

Premium offers for teams

Do you want to conduct surveys, working as a team? You can use easyfeedback with your whole team, assigning individual user accounts and rights. We offer you attractive conditions for teams, even among the premium services.

Modern SurveyEngine

easyfeedback transforms your surveys into a fresh modern experience, on each and every device!

Umfrage auf Smartphone, Tablet und PC

Usability optimization for every kind of device.

Automized scrolling, visual confirmations and full keyboard control transform surveys into a modern experience.

See our templates

Your advantages at easyfeedback, overview:

  • Data ownership 100%
  • European data privacy protection, made in Germany (GDPR/DSGVO)
  • European servers located in Germany
  • Support in all plans
  • Good prices
  • Modern and appealing design for increased participation
  • Optimized SurveyEngine for every kind of device
  • Corporate Identity in every survey

Your alternative to SurveyMonkey®, don't hesitate, just give it a try: