Filter, segment and export

Gain quick insights into survey results

Survey tool - real-time evaluation and live results for maximum insights

Real-time evaluation for optimized insights

Real-time evaluation

If a participant answers your survey, the result will be displayed to you in the next second. You will receive the results of your survey in real time and without any time delay.


Start, end, visitor source, participation behavior, devices, time period and bounce history – see the most important data of your participants at a glance and analyze the behavior of your participants.

Filter results

Extensive filter settings allow you to filter results based on responses, behavior, or by statistical values. Gain deeper insights into your survey data.

Charts an tables

The results are presented to you in the form of charts and tables. Decide which chart best suits your question and whether you need all the information displayed or only part of it.

Results export

Simply download the results in the desired format: XLS, CSV, SPSS or PDF. Each format exports to you exactly the data you have previously viewed online. So you don’t need to filter again in the exported format.

Export von Umfrageergebnissen in easyfeedback


Do you have an internal policy about when results should be visible? With the anonymity function, you can either set the number of participants per question at which the result should be displayed, or easyfeedback will do this for you automatically.

Compare your survey results

The comparison filters in easyfeedback are a powerful tool. Gain even deeper insights by comparing time periods, participant groups or response behavior. Also ideal for presenting the results of a 360-degree feedback.

Survey tool - compare results

More than just diagrams: Result function

Create and share reports

With one filter, you view a portion of your results. With multiple filters, you look at different parts of your results. And with comparisons, you gain the important insights.

So that you don’t have to compile each view over and over again, you can simply save the desired view as a report and call it up again at any time.

Another advantage of reports is that you can easily share them via a link without the recipient needing an easyfeedback license.

Survey tool - Create and share report of your survey results

OneClick filter

Want to quickly view a sub-area without having to create a filter for it? With the OneClick-Filter you can filter the result with just one click. This gives you a simple, fast and flexible feature for evaluating survey data.

Just try it out!  

Survey tool - Save results via OneClick filter

Word cloud and allocation

For the evaluation of text responses, visualization helps. The classic text cloud shows you the most frequently mentioned terms at a glance. This way, our tool shows you what your participants think.

In addition to the word cloud, you can also display the frequency distribution. This will show you exactly how often each word was mentioned.

Survey tool - display results as word cloud

Final results

In order to present your participants their own result directly after participation, or the overall result achieved to date, you can simply activate the display of the results at the end of the survey in the settings.

This allows you to present the result to the participants directly after the survey. In conjunction with the quiz function, you can additionally provide the participant with an interim evaluation of individual questions or an overall view of the result.

Survey tool - real-time evaluation and live results for maximum insights

Individual results

In addition to the statistics and diagrams, the individual results are also available. These allow you to view each individual participant.

Furthermore, you have insight into the individual results and can perform further actions from there.

Survey tool - view individual results

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