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0 €*

Forever free. Upgrade anytime.

1 user included

Unlimited surveys
100 participants / survey
10 questions / survey


49 €* monthly billing

or annual billing: 390 €*

1 user included

Unlimited surveys
500 participants / survey
Unlimited questions

Additional to Free:
+ Custom ‘thank you’ page or redirect
+ Email invitations
+ Export results


66 €* per month

annual billing: 790 €*

1 user included

Unlimited surveys
5.000 participants / survey

Unlimited questions

Additional to Starter:
+ Answer piping
+ Anonymity function
+ Comparative result view
+ Email report
+ Access code (TAN)



122 €*per month

annual billing: 1,470 €*

3 users included

Unlimited surveys
25.000 participants / survey

Unlimited questions

Additional to Business:
+ Extensive user rights
+ Autonomous working in teams
+ Integrated approval processes
+ Share reports via link
+ Admin settings
+ Password policies
+ Own survey domain included

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Starter / Single



General services
Number of surveys unlimited unlimited / 1 unlimited unlimited
Participants per survey 100 500 5.000 25.000
Number of questions per survey 10 unlimited unlimited unlimited
User accounts 1 1 1 3 incl. + additional accounts possible
Administration & collaboration
Starter / Single
User administration - - -
Extensive rights assignment - - -
User groups & teams - - -
Predefined default layout for surveys - - -
Predefined default chart colors for results - - -
Predefined default privacy notice - - -
Survey publishing approval process - - -
Create survey
Starter / Single
Create unlimited pages
14 question types including options
40+ survey templates
Integrate texts, images, videos, audio
Survey preview
Print questionnaire
Mobile optimized surveys
Welcome page on/off
Question numbering on/off
Status bar on/off
Back button on/off
Mandatory questions
Simple branching (filters/jumps)
Complex branching logic & conditions -
Validate text fields -
File upload per survey - 1 3 10
Randomization -
Custom 'thank you' page -
Custom redirect on completion -
Multilingual surveys -
Answer piping - -
Confirmation email to respondents - -
Coupon codes - -
Quiz scoring
Quiz: recommended action for respondents -
Quiz: Results & recommended action for respondents - -
Quiz: Results, block evaluation & recommended action for respondents - - -
Branding & design
Starter / Single
Layout configurator
CSS editor for advanced layouts - -
Custom survey link
Neutral survey domain - - -
Custom survey domain - - 179 €* 1) free of charge1)
Subtle easyfeedback footer (as button) - - -
Subtle easyfeedback footer (in writing) - -
Data protection
Starter / Single
Custom privacy notice for surveys
Data protection consent by the respondent
View logs & protocols
Search & deletion of respondent data - - -
Order processing according to GDPR
Server location Germany (ISO 27001)
Starter / Single
SSL-encrypted surveys
Data ownership
Protect survey participation with general password
Protect survey participation with access codes (TAN) - -
Login password policy - - -
Login time lock - - -
Automatic data deletion routines - - -
Single Sign-On (SSO) - - -
Anonymity & personalization
Starter / Single
Anonymous participation
Personalized participation
Results only visible after predefined number of answers -
Anonymity function - -
Invite participants
Starter / Single
Single or multiple participation
Website integration: button
Website integration: feedback flap
Website integration: popup
Website integration: focus layer - -
Multi-links -
Participant lists -
Email invitation tool -
Text or HTML mails -
Email reminder function -
Personalized invitations -
Personalized survey content -
Survey link filter - -
Starter / Single
Real-time statistics
Real-time results
Diagram and text display
Single results
Export total or partial results (CSV)
Export total or partial results (Excel / PDF / SPSS) -
Complex result filters -
Advanced result export -
Export result charts individually (PNG) -
Coding of the response results -
Customize chart colors -
Show results at the end of the survey -
Email report of single results - -
Drop history - -
OneClick filter -
Frequency distribution & word cloud - -
Comparative result view - -
API access
Share reports - - -
Starter / Single
Support by email
Support by phone

Will the Free plan remain free of charge?

Yes, you can conduct as many surveys as you like free of charge and use the survey tool for as long as you like, but the functions are only available to you on a limited basis. If you are not sure whether one of the higher-value plans is right for you, you can start with the free plan and upgrade at your convenience.

Is it possible to upgrade during an ongoing survey?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time and then use the extended range of functions. Simply order the desired plan and assign the higher-value plan to your survey. You can place the order directly in your account.

How and when can I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan at any time with a few clicks in your account. If you have chosen the annual payment method, your account will be cancelled after 12 months. If you have chosen to pay monthly, your account will be terminated at the end of the month. The cancellation can be done up to 1 day before.

What payment methods are accepted?

We offer payment by invoice, bank transfer, PayPal, Klarna or credit card (American Express, VISA or MasterCard).


What happens when the maximum number of participants has been reached?

When the maximum number of participants has been reached, further participation by new participants is no longer possible. From 501 (Starter), 5,001 (Business) or 25,001 (Company) participants onwards, a message will appear when the survey is called up stating that the maximum number of participants has been reached.

Can I still access the results after my plan expires?

The results of your survey will not be deleted and you can access them at any time – but with restrictions if you are on the Free plan. Therefore, when considering the time for evaluation in easyfeedback, also consider that of your license period.
As soon as you make a new order, you can also access the results again in full.

* Depending on the country, taxes may apply. To order the Single plan (Student), a current student verification is required.
1) In addition, an SSL certificate is required for custom survey domains, which can be provided by easyfeedback for a fee.