Questionnaire structure - convenient and diverse

Create engaging and complex surveys without prior knowledge


Design your questionnaire simply by drag & drop

Different question types

easyfeedback offers you 14 different question types with which you can design and build the questionnaire of your survey as you wish. Simply select and position the question types.


Integrate images

You want to have images evaluated or support your questions visually? Simply place one or more images at any position, or use the image question to have your images evaluated.


Place texts

Using the text element, you can place a text at any position in the questionnaire. Whether as a welcome or closing text, or within the survey – you have the choice regarding design and structure.

Insert videos

You have a video and want to place it in the survey? Using the video element, you can insert a video at any position and thus design the content of your questionnaire.

Audio files

That sounds great, doesn’t it? Simply upload an audio file and let your participants rate it in the survey.

Page structure

Structure your survey with as many pages as you like – per page you can ask one or more questions. You have full design freedom in the structure of your questionnaire and can move questions across pages simply by drag & drop.

14 question types for maximum freedom of creative design

Question Type: Yes-No-Question
Question Type: Multiple Choice and Closed Question
Question Type: Open Questions and Textfields
Question Type: Image Questions
Question Type: Matrix Questions
Question Type: Double Matrix Questions
Question Type: Likert-Scale and NPS
Question Type: Rating Questions
Question Type: Slider
Question Type: Ranking Question
Question Type: Semantic Differenzial
Question Type: Combined Fields and Variable Questions
Question Type: Sweepstake and Newsletter Question
Question Type: Media-Upload

Simple or complex branching logic depending on response behavior

Filter und Sprünge im Fragebogen

Filters & Logic Jumps

After a page or based on the participant’s answers, enter a jump destination where the participant should be automatically directed after their answer.

Fragebogen: Logiken & Bedingungen

Logics & Conditions

Set a logic & condition on entire pages, individual questions or individual answer options to automatically show or hide them depending on the participant’s previously given answers.

Fragebogen: Antwort-Piping

Answer piping

Transfer given answers as text into the question title of a following question, or form new answers from given answers in a following question.

Fragebogen: Randomisieren


With a click you can randomize entire pages, individual questions or answer options. This way you avoid click patterns within the answers and get better results.

More than just a questionnaire: quiz & scoring

Score per answer option

Get more out of your questionnaire and discover additional ways to use it.

With the Quiz / Scoring function you can assign a point value to each answer option and perform an action at the end based on the points achieved.

Whether all questions or just individual ones – you decide for which question you set point values.

More about the structure of a quiz >

Create quiz with point system

Correct answers

With the option “Correct answers” you define with which answer a question was answered correctly. This gives you the possibility to create an online test from your questionnaire.

At the end, you can issue an individual recommendation for action based on the answered questions to immediately show the participants whether they have passed the test or not.

Similarly, scoring can also be used to classify the correct answers, which provides you with an advanced evaluation.

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Create quiz with right answers

Recommendations for action

Communicate with each participant individually based on the answers they provide. Whether it’s a quiz with a score display, a test with an instant result, or a recommended action based on the answers.

The Quiz / Scoring feature allows you to communicate individually with your participants at the end of the survey.

More about the structure of a quiz >

Create quiz with individual recommendations


As an alternative to the direct action recommendation at the end of the Quiz / Scoring, you can also place an automatic forwarding based on the given answers.

This opens up further possibilities for you in terms of use. For example, you can use the question within the survey to classify the participants and direct them to the relevant product or offer on your website.

More about the structure of a quiz >

Create quiz with redirections

Display results

As a third option of a Quiz / Scoring, you can show the participant his given answers directly after answering. In combination with the Quiz / Scoring, the participant is also shown whether his answers were correct or how many points he scored with his answers.

At the end, a summary of all points or correctly answered questions is provided, including an individual recommendation for action.

For an intermediate evaluation of e.g. 3 or 4 questions, you can place a block evaluation in the result display. This shows the participant an intermediate evaluation within his results.

More about the structure of a quiz >

Create quiz with result display

Anonymous, multilingual & privacy protected

Survey with anonymity function

Anonymity guaranteed

Gain maximum confidence in your surveys and increase participation rates with the anonymity feature. Once activated, participation is and remains anonymous without sacrificing the convenience of any of the features.

Create multilingual surveys

Multilingual questionnaire

Add as many languages as you like to your survey and offer each participant their preferred language. Thanks to the automatic language recognition, the participant will be shown his preferred language without any additional click, which can be changed at any time.

Add privacy notice to survey

Privacy notice & active consent

Place your individual privacy and imprint information directly in the survey. And if you request personal data, you can actively obtain the participants’ consents before participation. This way you are always on the safe side.

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