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Survey tool User administration

User groups for self-sufficient working in several teams

The easyfeedback user administration will let you create teams and structure the collaboration easily. Each user group has restricted access to the surveys assigned to the group. This feature enables you to create a user group for each department within the company and control their access rights. Using this option, you can carry out sensitive employee surveys in HR without marketing getting access to these results.

User groups can be interlaced up to five levels, allowing you to replicate your unique company structure.

Individual rights per user

In addition to the user groups, with the company plan you can explicitly assign individual rights per user. You will have full control of the user rights and data access each account will be granted.

The settings can be adjusted to the requirements and changed at any time. When things change, simply adjust the access rights in easyfeedback.

Would you like to log in via SSO? Just contact us.
survey tool User rights
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Access procedures for more control

Several and ever-changing people work on your company’s surveys? Don’t lose control of your content creation. easyfeedback offers an included approval procedure, that lets you know who published what and when.

Regain control at all times and be able to decide which survey is published online.

For each user, you simply define whether the user is an expert or has to ask for his surveys to be published.

Advanced settings for admins


With easyfeedback you will have full control as an administrator. Both in the additional settings in the admin area and in the organization of user groups, teams and surveys are in your hands.
Search for personal data
For you as an administrator we enable easy finding functionalities for personal data. You can conveniently search your entire account with one search field in order to fully comply with GDPR (and German DSGVO).
SSO login / participation
Single Sign On (SSO) enables you and your colleagues to log into easyfeedback through one interface. In addition, we also offer SSO for participation in surveys if you provide the relevant minimum requirements.
Security & password requirements
Did you implement companywide standard requirements regarding password length, complexity, change rhythm and historical password usage? Administrator preferences easily allow you to define these guidelines in easyfeedback, just as they have been in your own systems.
Automatic deletion routines
Your company is rather large? Do you create and process sensitive data? To keep track of the data deletion requirements for sensitive data, you can use automatic deletion routines for classifications and automatically delete old participant lists as well as entire surveys after a predefined period of time.
Logs & protocols
As an administrator you will have access to all logs and protocols of the users created from your account. Every single step is recorded minute by minute. That is not for surveillance, this is data protection.

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