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Transform online surveys into a modern experience for your participants


Empower your surveys with modern design and optimized usability


For maximum focus per question, each question places itself in the center of the screen and guides the participant through the survey.


Whether by mouse click, touch screen or keyboard control – easyfeedback surveys are optimized for every situation.


Visual confirmations, user guidance and automatic scrolling from question to question give the survey a gamification approach and make participation a modern and enjoyable experience for more response.

Best possible optimization for every device

easyfeedback surveys are automatically optimized for every device. This allows you to reach your participants at any place and at any time without additional settings.

responisve survey for every device

Your Brand. Your Branding. Your Style.

Layout configurator

With easyfeedback you get a SurveyEngine that presents surveys in a modern and appealing way. The integrated layout configurator allows you to customize colors, logo, images and fonts to apply your own corporate design to the survey.

The number of layouts is not limited. Whether you use one master layout for all projects, or one individual design per survey project – you decide.

Preconfigured design templates help you to create a new design. Use easyfeedback to turn surveys back into an enjoyable experience.

layout configurator

Logo upload

The strongest recognition feature of a brand is its logo. This creates trust and shows at first glance who the sender is.

Using the layout configurator, you can easily upload your logo and adjust the positioning according to your corporate identity, or to match your website.

If you don’t use a logo or don’t want to present yourself directly as the sender of the survey due to a market research study, then simply leave out the logo. SurveyEngine automatically adjusts from its height and makes the best use of the space for the questions.

layout configurator

Custom fonts

Along with images and colors, fonts are a strong visual element to express the design.

Many people don’t even notice different fonts, but a loose and cheerful font makes you want to take the next survey much more.

Or would you prefer something more classic?

Just like the colors of the survey, you can easily choose a font for your survey via a selection. If none of the fonts fits your survey, you can easily add hundreds of other Google Fonts.

layout configurator


Colors are the third element in giving a brand its face. In combination with the logo and the individual font, the color system from the corporate identity arranges the brand into a visual image.

Using the layout configurator, you can easily assign the desired colors to your survey via hexadecimal value or via color selector.

The easyfeedback SurveyEngine combines individual actions into uniform color codes to visually guide the participant throughout the entire participation period.

layout configurator

Image upload

Logo, font and colors are the basis of a corporate identity. With images you emotionally charge your brand and survey. This immediately gives your survey a different character and distances it from classic and boring surveys.

To ensure that the questions are easy to read at all times, images can be lightened or darkened with a simple click, without you having to use an image editing program.

Don’t have a suitable image or one of your own? At Unsplash or Pexels you can find free images that you can use for your survey.

layout configurator

Give your survey a visual impact

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