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Survey Link

One link with a thousand possibilities

Each survey has an individual link. This foundation is provided to build on and can be individualized or extended according to the requirements. Simply copy the survey link and send it independently, post it on social networks or have a QR code output automatically. The possibilities are manifold.

Standard, neutral or your own survey link – depending on the selected tariff, different neutral domains are available for the survey link.

In addition, you can simply rename the middle part of the link (…/survey/…) for each survey.


Invite participants easily via easyfeedback

Survey tool - invite participants by email

Email invitation tool

Invite your participants conveniently via easyfeedback. With the integrated email invitation tool you get all the benefits of email invitations without having to use your own newsletter tool.

Whether in plain text format or as HTML mail – the editor shows you directly the email as it will later be sent to the participant.

Structuring with participant lists

The management of participants takes place in participant lists. Whether you have one large participant list or many small ones – easyfeedback adapts to your needs.

This way you can add structure to your invitations and remain flexible in how and when you invite participants.

Live statistics

The advantage of the easyfeedback invitation tool is its live statistics. This gives you an immediate overview of which emails have been delivered, whether there is a typing error and whether the recipient has taken part in the survey.

Track every invitation via live statistics and see how the participation rate is developing.

Automated invitations & reminders

Send survey invitations manually or via scheduled delivery. This gives you the flexibility to invite your participants e.g. on Sunday evening without having to log in.

Like invitations, reminders can be sent manually, scheduled or after a defined period of time. Everything automated with maximum flexibility.

Anonymized or personalized

Personalized invitations including statistics and yet participation is anonymous? Does that fit together? Yes!

Our email invitation tool is designed in such a way that you do not have to sacrifice the convenience of automated invitations and a personalized approach, even though the survey is intended to be anonymous. Magic? We call it easyfeedback.

Invite participants via website integration from your own website.

Determine independently and without the help of your IT department on which page the elements should be displayed. Increase interactions with your users by integrating surveys on your homepage and get feedback via different feedback elements. Choose the one that suits you best from several elements: Button, feedback tab, popup or focus layer.

Place survey on the website

Option 1: The classic button

Integrate the feedback button easily on your website and position it where you need it. Customize the color, size, corner radius, text, and font of the button via easyfeedback, completely according to your needs.

Define the action how the button should behave after a user clicks on it. Open the survey directly on your website in an existing tab or rather in a new one? Decide for yourself how the survey should be opened.

Option 2: Pop-up

With a pop-up, you can let website visitors participate directly in your survey and get feedback in real time.

An automatically generated tracking code to embed on your website will help you activate the popup survey. Set the popup opacity and tracking properties in easyfeedback, and the survey can begin.

Option 3: Feedback tab

Place surveys charmingly and permanently at the edge of your website’s screen via a feedback tab. The control is carried out directly via easyfeeback.

The feedback tab always stays in its relative position when scrolling and is not distracting due to the narrow display at the edge. Here, too, you can customize the color and text representation of the tab according to your wishes (e.g. corporate identity) via easyfeedback.

Option 4: Focus layer

You can also control the pop-up survey using a focus layer. This appears automatically on every defined page and invites website visitors to the survey before it appears.

In easyfeedback, you can design the focus layer individually as you wish. You can define color, title, text, opacity, button and executed action.

Invite participants via own tools


Internal email distribution list

Sending invitations via your own email distribution list is one of the easiest ways to invite participants to the survey.

To do so, just copy the survey link and paste it back into your email at the desired location. Simple, fast and direct.

External newsletter tool

Inviting participants via your own newsletter tool is as easy as using your own email distribution list. Simply copy the survey link and paste it as a text link, button or image link in your newsletter.

You want to personalize the participation? Just add the placeholders for personalization that are possible with your tool to the survey link. Very simple and flexible.

Your own CRM tool

Your system, your communication channels, your customers. In your tool, simply define the touchpoints when a prospect or customer should provide feedback and copy the link into the mail sent from your system.

The survey link can also be extended with ID’s and parameters so you can see in the results which person gave which feedback.

Intranet & Employee Management

Whether it’s events, satisfaction questions or general feedback. In almost every company there is a management software of their own employees.

As soon as you can communicate via it, you can simply use the easyfeedback survey link and ask for feedback. Simply copy paste and start.

Connecting participants via panel providers

In addition to interacting with third-party tools, you can also connect easyfeedback surveys to a panel and thus guide participants to your survey.

The integration is just as easy as with other tools. Simply transfer the survey link to the panel provider and store the links for complete and screenout.

Everything about integration with an external panel provider >

The right function for every situation

Anonymous participation guaranteed

In principle, all participation in easyfeedback surveys is anonymous. The survey link does not contain any additional identifiers to personalize participation. Only if you ask for personal data within the survey, the participation is no longer anonymous.

Survey tool - Anonymous participation in surveys
Survey Tool-Participation-Personalize Survey

Personalize per participation

For manual or automated personalization per participant, the survey link can be extended by a personal ID. The individual personalization can be used for each participation or for groups of participants and will be shown to you again in the results and in the export.

Anonymity function

With the anonymity function you can additionally make the participation technically anonymous. As soon as you activate the function, it is technically no longer possible to identify a participant. This is indicated and explained to the participant by an additional note in the survey.


Variables & Parameters

With variables and parameters, each participation can be personalized by any number of details or provided with a grouping. This allows you to pass parameters for each participation and to use them as filters in the evaluation or export.

Segment your participants for better evaluation

Every question that a participant has to answer extends the participation time. Wouldn’t it be better to segment your participants in advance to shorten the participation time or to add another question? With multi-links you can divide your participants into groups before the survey. This is useful if you already know your participants beforehand, or if you want to distribute different links specifically to two areas.

The advantage lies in the evaluation. Here, each multi-link is available to you as a separate source of visitors, on which you can filter the result. And the best thing about it: Each multi-link has its own result link, which only displays the results from the associated multi-link. So you can give people insight into partial results without them seeing the total result.


Access codes (TAN)

As an extension to the password protection, you can also allow participation by access code (TAN) only. Access codes can be sent manually or automatically via the email invitations. The advantage is that each code is valid only once. If you distribute the codes manually, anonymity is also guaranteed.

Survey tool-survey-content-individual-tax-out

Individualized questionnaire content

You want to use a questionnaire, but you don’t want to show the same content to every participant? This can be done by simply using variables at the survey link to control which person gets to see which content. This way you are flexible and don’t need countless variants of a survey.


Password protection

With the general password you protect your survey from people who are not allowed to participate. This way you can e.g. place multiple surveys in the intranet without having to worry about unwanted participation.

Survey tool-single-participation-and-multiple-participation-survey

Single or multiple participation

Define for each survey whether single or multiple participation is allowed. This allows you to control how often individuals are allowed to participate in the survey. If a participant interrupts the survey, easyfeedback remembers their progress and answers so that they can conveniently continue the survey when they call it up again.

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