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The survey link

One link, a thousand possibilities

Each survey has an individual link. This foundation is provided to build on and can be individualized or extended according to the requirements. Simply copy and send the survey link through own your mailing system, post it in social networks or have an automated QR code output. The possibilities are endless.

Standard, neutral or your own survey link, depending on the offer you choose, there are different neutral domains available for the survey link.

Additionally, you can rename the middle part of the link (…/survey/…) for each survey.


Easily invite participants within easyfeedback

Invite to the survey by e-mail

E-Mail invitation tools

Invite your participants conveniently via easyfeedback. With the integrated e-mail invitation tool, you keep all benefits of e-mail invitations without having to use your own mailing system.

Whether you use pure text format or HTML mail, the editor will directly show you the e-mail, exactly the way it will be sent to the participant.

Structuring with lists of participants

Administration of participants is performed in participant lists. No matter if it is just one large participant list or many small ones, easyfeedback adjusts to your needs.

That way you can structure invitations and remain flexible whom you will invite when and how.

Live statistics

The advantage of the easyfeedback invitation tool is represented by live statistics. You are given an overview immediately, which e-mails have been delivered, where there is a typo and whether the recipient already participated in the survey.

You can follow the invitations via live statistics and see the development of the participation rate over time.

Automatic invitation and reminder

Send out invitations to the survey manually or by scheduled dispatch. You will be given the flexibility to invite your participants e.g. Sunday evening without having to log in.

Reminders can be sent out manually, scheduled by date or period of time. Everything is automated with maximum flexibility.

Anonymous or personalized

Personalized invitations including statistics and you still want to provide anonymous participation? Can this really work together at the same time? Yes, absolutely. Because of the easyfeedback invitation tools you don’t have to sacrifice the convenience of automated invitations and personally addressing the participant, even though the survey should take place anonymously. A kind of magic? We call it easyfeedback.

Invite participants via website integration on your own website

Free yourself from the IT department and determine independently on which page the elements should be displayed. Increase the interaction with your users by integrating surveys on your homepage and receive feedback via different feedback elements. Choose from several feedback elements to find the one that suits you best: Button, feedback tab, pop-up or focus layer.

Place survey on the website

Option 1: a classic – the Survey link​

The easiest way to place a survey on your website is to link it. We already have the survey link available for you in HTML code.

The link can be used as a text link, in a button or behind an image. Simply integrate the survey the way you prefer.

iFrame & Popup

Instead of a traditional link, you can place the survey directly in the content area of your own website as an iFrame.

Alternatively you can place the survey in a popup. For both versions, the HTML code is automatically provided and simply needs to be copied.

Interaction based invitation

Would you like to receive feedback right at the moment of registration, purchase, contact with your support or any similar situation you could possibly imagine? No matter which interaction you choose, you can easily integrate easyfeedback surveys into the desired process.

Process-controlled execution of the defined trigger can be started with any tool. easyfeedback surveys are simply integrated into any given process.

A focused survey for website visitors

Integration as a website layer allows you to place the survey in focus of the visitors. By using this method you get maximum attention and maximized response rates.

With the pre-configured layer you can easily set colors, texts and seconds prior to fading in the questionnaire and export them for integration on your website

Inviting participants through own tools


Internal e-mail distribution list ​distribution list

Sending invitations via your own e-mail distribution list is one of the easiest ways to invite participants to your survey.

Simply copy the survey link and paste it back into your e-mail at the desired location. Simple, fast and direct.

External newsletter tool

Invitation using your own newsletter tool is just as easy as with your own e-mail distribution list. Simply copy the survey link and paste it into your newsletter as a text link, button or image link.

Would you like to personalize your participation? In order to achieve this, simply add the wildcards of your tool the survey link. It is quite simple and flexible.

Own CRM tool

Your system, your communication lines and your customers are all in your CRM tool. Simply define the touchpoint when a prospect or customer should give feedback, right in your CRM tool. Then copy the link into the mail that is sent from your system.

The survey link can also be extended by IDs and parameters, which will show you, who gave which feedback, as an overview on the results page.

Intranet & employee administration

Query about events, employee satisfaction or general feedback. Every company has an administration software for the own employees. As soon as you can communicate about it, you can simply use the easyfeedback survey link and ask for feedback. Simply copy and start.

Connecting participants via panel providers

In addition to interacting with third-party tools, you can connect easyfeedback surveys to a panel and lead participants to your survey. Panel integration is just as easy as interacting with other tools. Simply hand over the survey link to the panel provider and store the links for Complete and Screenout. Everything about integration for an external panel provider >

The right functionality for every situation

Anonymous participation guaranteed

Basically, every participation in easyfeedback surveys is anonymous. The basic survey link does not contain any identifiers to personalize participation. Only if you ask for personal data within the survey participation will no longer be anonymous.

anonymous survey participation
Teilnahme an Umfrage personalisieren

Personalize per participant

For manual or automated personalization per participant, the survey link can be extended by a personnel ID. The individual personalization can be used per participation or for participant groups and will be displayed with the results and in the export.

Anonymity function

You can use the anonymity function to make participation technically anonymous. As soon as you activate the function, it is technically no longer possible to derive the individual participant from the datasets. This is also indicated and explained to the participant by an additional note in the survey.

Parameter und Variablen Umfragelink

Variables & parameters

With variables & parameters each participation can be personalized by any number of details or enriched with grouping. This enables you to transfer parameters for each participation and use them as filters in the evaluation or export.

Segmenting of participants for better analysis

Any question a participant has to answer will prolong the participation time. Wouldn’t it be better to define segments in advance, in order to keep the participation shorter or to place another question? With Multi-Links you can divide your participants into groups even before the survey starts. This is advisable if you already know your participants, or want to distribute different links among divergent groups.

Such a segmentation results in an advantage for evaluation. Each multi-link is available to you as a separate visitor source. In each one you can separately filter the results. And the best about it: Each multi-link has its own result link, which only displays the results from the corresponding multi-link. This allows you to give people insights into partial results without them seeing the overall result.

Umfrage Multi-Links
Zugangcodes zur Umfrage

Access codes (TAN)

If you want an extension to password protection, you can restrict participation via access code (TAN). Access codes can be sent manually or automatically via e-mail invitations. Each code is only valid once, and if you distribute the codes manually 100% anonymity is guaranteed and perceived.

Umfrage-inhalt individuell aussteuern

Individualized questionnaire content

You want to use a questionnaire without displaying the same content to each participant? This is possible as well. Simply control who gets to see which content by variables in the survey link. Like this your content stays flexible without a need for countless variants of one survey.

Umfrage mit Passwort Schützen

Password protection

With the general password you can protect your survey from people who are not allowed to participate. With this feature, you could place several surveys on the intranet without having to worry about unwanted participation.

Einfach- und Mehrfachteilnahme an Umfrage

Single or multiple participation

Define per survey whether single or multiple participation is allowed. It allows you to control who can participate in the survey and how often.
If a participant interrupts the survey, easyfeedback remembers his position and answers given, so that he can easily continue the survey when he calls it again.

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