Survey design: logo, colors & fonts

With the design of a survey you can reflect your company or project and increase the confidence of the participants in the survey.

With easyfeedback you can create as many layouts for your survey as you like and then freely decide which survey should receive which design.

Create survey design

To create a new layout, click Layout at the top of the main navigation. In this area you can create as many layouts as you like and then assign them to the individual surveys.

Click on the green + button to create a new layout and to enter the layout configurator:

Layout configurator
Layout configurator easyfeedback

In the layout configurator you can now adjust the colors, choose a font and upload a logo or background image. Under the settings you will see a live preview of your layout. Once you have made a change, click the Save / Update button to view the change.

Tip: Assign an individual name to each layout – this makes it easier to assign it to the survey. You can change the name in the grey bar at the top. Simply click on the “pencil symbol” and change the name.

Note: Every change to a layout is applied immediately. If your layout is already assigned to a survey, then the changes will take effect directly in that survey, so you don’t have to reassign it.

Assign layout to a survey

After you have created your layout, you still have to assign it to the desired survey. To do so, you must switch to the overview and select your survey.

Assign layout to survey

Then open the Settings tab.

Assign layout to survey settings

In the settings, scroll down until you reach the Layout section. At this point you can now select the layout for the survey. After you have selected the layout, scroll up again and click on the Save settings button so that the changes take effect.

Assign layout template to survey

Show layout in survey preview

After saving the layout in the settings, you can preview the layout in the survey. Open the preview by clicking the button in the upper right corner.

Layout survey preview easyfeedback
Layout questionnaire preview easyfeedback

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