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Basics and tips via video

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Get to know easyfeedback and create your first online questionnaire

In only five steps to your first survey. Start easily & quickly without any previous knowledge and get results in real time.

Quick start

1. Survey structure​

Set up your own online survey with easyfeedback professionally and effectively step-by-step. Our detailed video instructions will guide you to your goal.


Create survey

Create, duplicate, assign, delete and more


Build questionnaire

Question types, elements, media, survey preview and more


Survey design

Customize colors, logo, images and fonts


Survey settings

Activate survey, assign tariff, set password protection and more


Logics & filters

Design the questionnaire process based on the participants' answers



Randomize pages, questions, text and images of your survey


Multilingual survey

Build static texts, buttons, error messages and more multilingual


Voucher codes

Upload, activate and place in questionnaire or email response


Email reply

Create, personalize and automate email response


Privacy policy

Create note, set active consent and create imprint

2. Invite participants

Invite survey participants to your questionnaire in many different ways with easyfeedback. We show you how to do this here in our videos.


Survey link

Email, social media and more - invite participants via survey link

video thumbnail 2 email invitation

Email invitation

Participant lists, invitation texts, sending options and more


Website integration

Integrate survey via feedback button, tab, popup or focus layer



Create any number of additional survey links and invite participants


Filter survey links

Create survey link filter and with variables & combine parameters

3. Evaluation of the results

Here we show you everything you need to know about easyfeedback in the field of survey analysis.


Evaluate results

Participation statistics, result presentation, individual results and more


Filter & compare

Filter and compare survey results according to specific criteria


Set results

Customize presentation of results and diagrams


Create reports

Create and share reports for filtering and selecting results


Export results

CSV, XLS, SPSS or PDF? Export results to the desired format

Replace placeholders in survey results with content

Replace placeholders

Replace placeholders in the survey results with content

Video share results in microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams

Share survey results in Microsoft Teams

Show survey results at the end of the survey

Present results

Present results following participation

4. Account / User administration

Here you get to know the basics of the administrator functions & user management.


User administration

Create users, assign them to a user group and assign rights



Set release procedure, automatic deletion routines and more

5. Examples of using surveys

Expand your horizon and be inspired by our application examples.
online quiz erstellen

Online quiz

Convert questionnaire into a quiz & select evaluation method

E-Mail-Verifizierung (Double-Opt-in-Verfahren) mit zwei Umfragen YT

Double Opt-In

E-mail verification (double opt-in procedure) with two surveys

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