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#2 Functions of the administrator

As an administrator, you have certain rights and functions in easyfeedback. This video explains in detail what these rights and functions are and what you can do with them.


00:01:03 Select survey layout & chat colors
00:02:10 Customize privacy policy globally
00:03:00 Set release procedure
00:04:42 Set e-mail notifications
00:05:21 Password Policies & Security Settings
00:06:46 Create automatic deletion routines
00:08:50 Set user as administrator

First, we will show you in the video how to define a standard master layout for your feedback forms. As administrator, you can also define color schemes for charts and tables for the survey results.

We will then show you how you, as administrator, can store the data protection information globally. This has the advantage that it is automatically applied to every survey and the employee no longer has to worry about it every time.

Third, we explain how to set up a release procedure for questionnaires. This way, you as administrator always have control over the surveys to be published by your employees.

In the remainder of the video we will explain other features of the administrator, such as enabling automatic e-mail notifications, setting up password policies and security settings and creating automatic deletion routines.