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#4 Adjust settings for surveys

In this video we will show you the different settings you can make for your survey in easyfeedback.

Learn how to publish a survey, how to set a password for access control, the multilingualism of active participants and much more.

In addition, we will show you how to set up e-mail reporting and notifications, activate the legally required data protection information for your questionnaire and set up automatic deletion routines.


00:00:27 Activate/pause/deactivate survey
00:01:32 Assign survey tariff
00:02:10 Adjust survey link
00:03:15 Set single or multiple participation
00:04:18 Set access control
00:05:44 Activate anonymity function
00:07:18 Set Survey Layout & Auto Scrolling
00:08:31 Activate welcome & closing page
00:09:50 Back button & activate status bar
00:10:05 Activate response piping
00:10:29 Enable question numbering, mandatory question symbolism and multilingualism
00:10:50 Set e-mail reporting
00:12:01 Set Privacy Notice & Visibility
00:12:24 Assign survey to a user group/user
00:12:47 Activate automatic delete routine