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#10 Place privacy notices in the survey

In this video we show you how to place your own privacy notice in your survey in easyfeedback, how to create an imprint and how to set the active consent of the privacy notice before participating in the survey.


00:00:35 Create privacy notice
00:03:39 Create imprint
00:06:04 Activate privacy policy

At the beginning of the video you will learn how to activate the privacy notice for your individual survey. After activation you will have the opportunity to add your own privacy notice to the survey or customize our predefined text.

After activating and creating the privacy notice for your questionnaire, we will show you in the next step how to create your own imprint for it. Because even online surveys that are accessible to everyone are subject to an imprint obligation. Therefore, we will also show you how to create the imprint in your online questionnaire.

If you want to actively process and store personal data with your survey, you need the active consent of your survey participants according to the law.

In the last part of this video tutorial you will learn how to set the active consent before participating in the survey with easyfeedback.