Invite participants to the survey

Once you have completed your preparations for the survey, you can invite your participants. For this purpose, easyfeedback offers you different options on how to invite your participants.

Choosing the method for inviting

Under the Invite participants tab within your survey, you will be taken to the various options for inviting your participants.

Selecting the method to invite

Each survey has a unique link. It is generated as soon as you create a survey and is then available to you at this point.

The following options are available:

Survey link

The survey link for your survey is available in the upper area. You can simply copy it and send it by email, in a messenger or via social networks, for example. To simplify publishing to social networks, you’ll find social media buttons below the survey link that allow you to upload the survey directly.

Social media channels

QR Code

In addition, you will receive a QR code from the survey link. Click on the icon to open the QR code. You can download this code to use it in any other media. Alternatively, you can click on the QR code, which will enlarge it. This is suitable, for example, if you want to present it at an event on a projector.


Email invitations

In addition to the invitation via the survey link, you can also use the easyfeedback email invitation service. To do so, you first need a participant list to which the emails should be sent. Afterwards, the invitations can then be sent to the addresses from the participant list via email.

With the email invitation service, you have the considerable advantage of being able to control the timing of the mailing, send reminders, and receive separate participation statistics.

E-mail invitations

Website integration

Website integration gives you the ability to place your survey directly on your website. This has two major advantages:

  1. Your users don’t have to leave your website. The survey opens directly on your website, preventing bounce rates.
  2. You can control on which page the survey should be placed respectively integrated without the help of your IT department by using the settings in easyfeedback. Once the tracking code is installed, you can conveniently select the URL via easyfeedback.
    Four different variants for integration are available to you:

Button: Place a button anywhere from where you want the survey to open.

Website Integration: Button

Feedback tab: A feedback tab will appear on the left, right or bottom of the screen from where the survey will open.

Website Integration: Feedback Flap

Popup: After a certain time or scroll depth has elapsed, the popup with the survey will appear automatically.

Website Integration: Popup

Focus layer: Similar to the popup, the focus layer also opens a window, but the user is first invited to the survey before it opens.

Website Integration: Focus Layer

Additional links

In addition to the survey link, you can generate as many additional links as you want, all leading to your survey. The advantage of additional links is the identifier on the link. This allows you to divide your participants into groups and send each group an individual link. Within the evaluation you can then separate the results again to analyze the results for each individual group.

Side note: Besides additional links, there are other ways to filter the results.

Additional links

Further options and possibilities

There are further options available for individualizing participations:

Variables and parameters: With variables and parameters you can supplement the survey link to use them for the evaluation of your results.

Personal ID: Set a personal ID for each individual participant for personalization purposes.

Survey link filter: Create different variants of your questionnaire and define which participant can see which content.

Access codes: Protect participation and ensure anonymity with one-time use access codes.

Step 6: Evaluate results

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