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Event registration with e-mail confirmation

If you cut out the word survey and replace it with questionnaire or form, you will quickly come up with new ideas - e.g. an event registration with e-mail confirmation for seminars.

We will show you - step by step - how to use easyfeedback to set up an event registration including e-mail confirmation to the participant.

Required documents:

Date and description of the event


Set up questionnaire, set up e-mail dispatch and test

This awaits you - table of contents:


First we create the questionnaire. To do this, please log in to easyfeedback. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one here:

Build questionnaire

Click on “+ Create new survey” in the overview,

Create a new survey

select “Start without templates”, assign a title for the poll: Event registration (mail confirmation) and click on “Create poll”.

Start without template

After the creation the questionnaire editor of the new survey opens directly and you get 3 predefined pages:

  • Welcome page
  • question page
  • Final page

Welcome page

On the welcome page it is possible to give the participant a short info about the event. This will give the participant the feeling that he/she is confirmed to make the right registration here and now. An example greeting could be formulated as follows:

Drivers Experience Nürburgring,

The rush of speed, tears running down your cheeks and hair reflecting the G-forces. If this is your adrenaline, then sign up for the next “Drivers Experience Nürburgring”.

You can expect 6 hours of pure driving fun. Starting with theory on the car. Afterwards you will go directly on the track in fireproof overalls. During the first laps you will be guided by an instructor. Depending on your talent, the instructor will sooner or later leave the track and accompany you only via microphone. You can now drive freely and show your talent.

At the end there will be a team meeting with small canapés and a cold drink.
Sign up now for your Drivers Experience!

Above the welcome text you can set the title of the event. In this case the title could be as follows:

Drivers Experience Nürburgring

Question page

In order to receive the necessary data for the registration to the event, place the required questions in the questionnaire.

Click on + at the bottom of the 1st question page and select question.

As the first question you place a “closed question” as a dropdown to select the date for the event.

This is followed by a “variable question” to query the personal login data.

Finally, you need to give your consent to the processing of your personal data. To do so, select the “closed question” with only one answer option and without a question title.

To make the consent mandatory for everyone, check the box “Mandatory question”.

You can/should now link part of the text to your privacy policy so that the participant can read it. To set a link, place HTML code with the target (website) before and after the text part. In our example this looks like this:

On the final page you can place a small “thank you” and possibly enter information for inquiries. To do this, click on “Edit” at the “Placeholder text …” and replace it:

I agree to the privacy policy for processing my data.

You can adjust the text and link as you wish.

Final page

On the final page you can enter a short confirmation and information about the next steps. With this you inform the participant what has happened and what will follow next:

Thank you very much for your registration! As confirmation you will receive an e-mail confirmation directly afterwards. If you have not yet received the e-mail, please also check your spam folder.

If you have any questions regarding registration and the further procedure of the Drivers Experience Nürburgring, please use our website:

Create survey design

To give the survey an individual design, please click on “Layout” in the main menu above and create a new design there.

Once you have made all settings, go back to the “Overview”, select your survey and open the “Settings”. In the “Layout” section, select your new layout and click on “Save settings”.

Use the preview in the upper right corner to check the design on your survey.

Configure confirmation e-mail

Next, please go to the survey settings and select the tab “Email Response”. Here we now configure the automatic e-mail response to the participant after the poll/registration.

Via “Status” the automatic sending is activated or deactivated:

To use the e-mail in the survey as recipient e-mail, select “Query within the survey” in the first setting area, and then the question where you have queried the e-mail.

Below that you can enter your individual sender information:

Once you have set the sender information, you can configure the e-mail with subject line and text.

Within the email you can personalize the text with the information from the survey. To do this, simply use the placeholders to use the participant’s answers (date, name, e-mail, etc.):

[Q1 title] = Question title of question 1
[Q1-A2] = Only 2nd answer of question 1
[Q1] = All answers of question 1 (comma separated)

Your e-mail text could then look like this:

Hello [Q2-A1] [Q2-A2] [Q2-A3],

thank you for your registration. Herewith we confirm your registration for the Drivers Experience Nürburgring:

Date: [Q1-A1]
Place: Nürburgring, Main grandstand entrance
Time: 09:00 pm

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Further information on the procedure can be found on our website:

With kind regards

Drivers Experience Team

Publish and test

To test the registration including e-mail confirmation, we go “live” through the survey ourselves and have an e-mail sent to us.

To do this, the survey must first be “published” so that we can test the emails.

Switch to the “General” settings of the survey and click on “Publish survey”

Info: After publishing you can still edit everything and make corrections if necessary.

After publishing, go to the “Invite participants” section, copy the survey link and open it in a new window.

Now go through the registration process. The confirmation e-mail will then be sent to the e-mail address you entered.

PLEASE NOTE: The automatic e-mail can only be sent if you have set the status to “ACTIVE”. If you do not receive an e-mail, check whether the automatic e-mails are also active (status green).

Delete test result

After you have completed the test, switch to the “Evaluation” of your survey and open the “Individual Results”.

Here you see your participation and can delete yourself to clean up the results:
Select the checkbox to the left of your participation, additionally the checkbox at “marked participants from the results” and click on “delete”.

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