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Customer satisfaction questionnaire template

If you have questions, you need answers – whether in your private or professional life.
Whether you want to find out about the satisfaction and wishes of customers or employees, empirically prove scientific questions for research purposes or get answers to questions of everyday life.

The (online) questionnaire is a great way to get answers to your questions easily and promptly.

Online questionnaires in particular are characterized by the fact that they can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively and that participants can be reached at any time and any place. Whether by link, by e-mail, via social media or via the company’s own website. In addition, the results are immediately available and can even be automatically displayed in the form of diagrams with the right survey tool.

Create online questionnaire easily and free of charge with easyfeedback

This is how easy it is to create an online questionnaire

No matter how long or complex your questionnaire is, with easyfeedback you can create your individual questionnaire in just a few steps and without prior knowledge. Get important answers for your project through the feedback of the participants.

1. Log in and create questionnaire

Before you start, you need an easyfeedback account. If you don’t have an account yet, simply register here for free. On the overview page you can create your questionnaire by clicking the button + Create survey.

Simply choose whether you want to start with a blank questionnaire or use one of the free templates as the basis for your questionnaire.

Create a new questionnaire in easyfeedback

2. Include questions and content in your questionnaire

After creating your new questionnaire, the questionnaire editor opens. With this you can easily build and (re)design your online questionnaire according to your own ideas and needs using drag & drop, just like a homepage construction kit.

Create an individual welcome & closing page, create multiple pages for your questionnaire and choose the right question from 14 different question types.
You also have the option of integrating images, video and audio files into your survey. 

Once created, the questions and elements can be easily moved back and forth between pages.

If you want to have an individual course, you can work with logics, filters and jumps and redirect the participants – depending on the answer – to targeted pages.

Select question types for your questionnaire

If you want to test your questionnaire during construction, simply open the survey preview and have your construction displayed – exactly as the online questionnaire will be presented later.

3. Design an individual layout for your questionnaire

Once the content of the online questionnaire is complete, the next step is to design a unique layout. Using the layout configurator, you can customize colors, fonts, images and the logo to suit your taste.

Design questionnaire with layout configurator by easyfeedback

4. Adjust the settings of your questionnaire

In the settings of the questionnaire you can make individual adjustments, for example to determine whether multiple participation is allowed, participation is only possible via a password, or to activate a data protection notice.

You can also activate, pause or stop your questionnaire in the settings.

Edit your questionnaire settings

5. Invite participants to your online questionnaire

Everything ready? Then comes the most exciting part: invite the participants to your survey.

easyfeedback offers you a variety of invitation options for this.

For example, you can easily invite your participants via a link to the questionnaire, via our email invitation tool, or how about embedding the questionnaire on your website. This way, we offer you a very special function to collect feedback where you need it without the help of your IT department.

Invite questionnaire participants

Whether you want to conduct a questionnaire for employee surveys, customer surveys, for scientific research purposes, polls or for private purposes, easyfeedback is flexible and can be used for any situation.

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50 Questionnaire templates free to customize

Start your survey project with a blank questionnaire or choose the right template from over 50 ready-made questionnaires. You can adapt these freely and free of charge to your needs and ideas.

Questionnaire templates for employee surveys:
Get valuable feedback from your employees at every stage of the employee lifecycle to improve the working atmosphere or optimize work processes. Measure employee satisfaction, determine training needs, optimize internal communication, or give your managers the opportunity to be assessed with a 360-degree survey.

Questionnaire template for customer surveys:
How satisfied are your customers with your company, products or services? Do the contents on your website and the offer appeal to potential buyers? Determine your customers’ needs before they buy, test products, or measure customer satisfaction with an NPS survey.

Questionnaire templates for event & seminar surveys:
Use questionnaires to plan, conduct and analyze your (digital) event. Through continuous surveys, you can sustainably ensure the quality and experience of your event and adapt your offered content to your participants’ needs.

Market research survey questionnaire templates:
Get to know your target audience, test new products before launch or discover new markets and trends. Identify opportunities and risks and minimize bad decisions with market research surveys.

Questionnaire Templates for Quiz & Test:
How about a quiz or test instead of a questionnaire? With easyfeedback you can create a quiz or a test in no time, for example for new customer acquisition, for courses or for the pre-qualification of applicants.

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