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Why are e-mails from the e-mail invitations not delivered?

Technical background

If e-mails are sent regularly from a service provider (GMX, Yahoo, etc.) or via your own mail server (company server), sender server and domain are identical:



In this case e-mail and server belong together and are delivered smoothly. If you send your invitations via the easyfeedback email invitation tool, the mails are sent via the easyfeedback mail server with your email domain. In this case e-mail and server do not belong together and are classified as spam by mail servers.

With external surveys, such as customer surveys, this is usually not a problem and about 98% of the e-mails are delivered. With internal surveys, such as employee surveys, it often happens that the mails are marked as spam or not delivered at all.

Test e-mail delivery

Before you send your invitations via easyfeedback, you can test the dispatch. You can do this by using the “Testmail” function in the e-mail invitations or by adding yourself to the participant list (test list) as a recipient.

These two methods allow you to test the delivery. If the email invitation is not delivered or marked as spam, this is due to the technical reasons mentioned above.

In this case change the sender e-mail to e.g. a private e-mail. As soon as recipient domain and sender domain are not identical, the probability of delivery is very high. If the e-mail invitation has been delivered now, you know that the settings of your mail server prevent the receipt.

Authenticate email delivery

If your emails from the email invitations are not delivered, you can solve the problem by setting an SPF record on your mail server.

The SPF record authenticates the sending from your e-mail domain, as the sender, via the easyfeedback mail server. You only need to set the SPF record once and can then use it for all future e-mail invitations via easyfeedback – for both employee surveys and customer surveys.

SPF record

Copy the following SPF record and forward it to your IT department with the request to store it in the DNS entry of the name server:

v=spf1 -all

If still no mails are delivered, it is possible that deeper settings or your firewall is blocking the mails. In this case please contact your IT department.

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