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How can I enable filters and jumps in my survey?

There are two basic positions where you can activate a filter/jump.

  1. When a question is based on specific criteria.
  2. Globally at the end of a page.

Both positions can be combined as desired and allow a complex jump system.

1. Filter or jump on a question

The following question types support the filter or jump function:

  • Yes / No question
  • Multiple choice
  • Matrix
  • Double matrix

Yes / No question and multiple choice

In case of an answer X, jump to page Y.

Assessment & double assessment question (matrix and double matrix)

In case of assessment X, jump to page Y. (The lowest page number selected by the participant as jump is binding for the jump).

2. At the end of a page

Activating a filter or jump at the end of a page directs all participants to the defined page if no lower page was selected as a jump instance by another jump.

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