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How can I enable filters and jumps in my survey?

There are two basic positions where you can activate a filter/jump.

  1. when you ask a question according to certain criteria
  2. global at the end of a page Both positions can be combined at will and allow a complex jump system.

1. Filter/jump on a question

The following question types support the filter/jump function:

  • Yes/No question
  • Closed question
  • Evaluation question (matrix)
  • Double evaluation question (matrix)

With answer X jump to page X.

Bei Antwort X springe auf Seite X.

Evaluation & double evaluation question (matrix)

Jump to page X for evaluation X. (The lowest page number selected by the competitor as the jump is binding for the jump).

2. Global at the end of a page

Activating a filter/jump at the end of a page will lead all participants to the selected page if no lower page has been selected as jump target by another jump.

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