easyfeedback: individually invite participants to the survey

More functions. More possibilities.

Through continuous development we have managed to create one of the best online survey tools. It’s simple operation, it`s easy usage concerning recipient lists or the diverse evaluation: easyfeedback is simply easy-to-use.

Survey invitations: so many easy options.

Survey Link

The survey link

Each survey includes a unique survey link over which the survey can easily be accessed. You can copy and send the link via email, publish it over social media channels or simply print it out in a print medium. You can also personally customize your survey link.


Multi-links: one link for each target group

In addition to the normal survey link, you can create any number of multi-links, which all lead to the same survey. This feature can be useful if you want to filter the results according to different target groups (multi-links) after completion of the survey. Or, if each of your office branches are to receive their own survey link with the corresponding results.

Email Invitation System

Email invitation system

The integrated email invitation system allows you to invite your participants directly over the survey tool. Emails can be sent as plain text or as a pre-designed HTML email. Thanks to the variety of placeholders, you are able to address all of your participants individually and assign a personal access code. The statistics will show you who has already participated and who needs to be invited a second time through use of the automatic reminder-function.

Website Link to Survey

Direct link from your website

You can directly and easily link from your website or blog to the survey. The link is already setup within the survey tool and only needs to be inserted. In the results, you can then see how many participants were directed over the link to the survey.

Embed Survey via iFrame

Embed on website (iFrame)

Through use of iFrame, you can effortlessly embed the survey on your website. Simply select display size, copy code and start with embedding your survey. Here too, you can view how many participants joined the survey through the embedded option.

Online Survey Popup

Survey popup directly on your website

Let a popup automatically open when a visitor accesses your website or even a sub page. Through use of the popup, you can introduce your survey and so allow the website-visitor to join the survey. Here again, you have the option of viewing how many participants joined the survey via this channel.

Invitation Layer to your Survey via Website

Invitation-layer on your website

As an alternative to the popup, you can also invite visitors via a layer to your survey. After a defined period of time, which you can decide, the layer will automatically fade in and move the survey into the visitor`s focus. A multitude of customizable settings are available and allow you to tailor the layer according to your wishes. Furthermore, you decide whether the questionnaire is to take place within the layer or on a new page.

Automatic & intermediate storage

If a participant has to interrupt the survey, the survey can easily be closed. When re-opening the survey at a later point in time, the participant can continue at the exact point at which he or she left the survey. The answers that were already entered will automatically be matched to the participant and displayed.


  • Unique survey link
  • Customized survey link
  • Multi-links
  • Email invitation system
  • Text or HTML emails
  • Reminder-function
  • Personalized address lists of participants
  • Automatic access codes
  • Website link
  • Embed in website (iFrame)
  • Survey-popup
  • Invitation layer via website
  • Automatic intermediate storage
    when interrupting the survey
  • Add parameter to the survey link

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