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$ 149 once

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$ 99 per month

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1 User included

unlimited surveys

max. 10,000 participants per survey

additional to Single plan:

+ answer piping

+ compare results

+ e-mail report per single result

+ API interface

+ Cancel at any time by click

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$ 149 per month

$ 1,499  anual payment (2 month free)

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3 User included

+   $ 25  / months for each additional User

unlimited surveys

unlimited participants per survey

additional to Business:

+ User administration and teams

+ Comprehensive rights management

+ White label

+ Share reports by link

+ Admin setting

+ individual survey Domain included (optional)

+ Cancel at any time by click

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General services
Number of surveys unlimited 1 unlimited unlimited
Participants per survey 75 1.000 10.000 unlimited
Number of questions per survey 10 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Duration per survey 1 month 3 months or longer unlimited unlimited
User accounts 1 1 3 3 incl. additional possible
User administration - - Simple user administration Comprehensive rights management
User groups - - - any number
Own survey domain - - $ 179   1) optional included
Survey structure Free Single Business Company
Unlimited survey pages
14 question types incl. options
Free survey templates
Integrate text, images, videos, audio
Simple logic (filters/jumps)
Survey preview
Print survey
Individual layout (logo, images, fonts, colors)
CSS editor for extended layouts
Mobile optimized surveys
Validate text fields (text, number, date, e-mail, URL, postcode) -
Media uploads per survey - 1 3 10
Final page without advertising -
Automatic forwarding at the end of the survey -
Advance logic (conditions) -
Answer piping - -
Discreet "powered by easyfeedback" button (survey) - - -
Minimalist "powered by easyfeedback" lettering (survey) - - -
Without "powered by easyfeedback" (100% white-label survey) - - -
Settings Free Single Business Company
Individual survey link
Single/multiple participation
General Password
Welcome page on/off
Question numbering on/off
Status bar on/off
Back button on/off
Required questions
Own privacy policy notice
Edit messages/texts
Final page or forwarding -
Randomisation (pages, questions, answers) -
Multilingual survey -
Access codes (TAN's) - -
Participation technically anonymous "Anonymity Function" - -
E-mail reply to participant - -
Voucher codes - -
E-mail report individual results - -
Invite Participants Free Single Business Company
Anonymous Responses
Personalized responses
Personalize survey link
Automatic saving in case of interruption
Individual variables & parameters at the survey link
Linking of website
iFrame integration on website
Survey appears in popup
Participant lists
Neutral survey link -
Multi-links -
E-Mail invitation system incl. statistics -
Text or HTML mails -
E-mail reminder function -
Personalized invitations -
Personalized survey content -
Any number of access codes - -
Layer integration on website - -
Survey link filter - -
Results Free Single Business Company
Real-time statistics
Real-time results
Dashboard/Time course
Diagram and text display
Individual results
Complex result filters -
Result export overall or partial (Excel, CSV, PDF, SPSS) -
Extended result export -
Export result charts individually (PNG) -
Coding of the response results -
Adjusting Chart Colors -
Display results at the end of the survey -
OneClick Filter - -
Frequency distribution & word cloud - -
Comparative result view - -
API - -
Share reports (results) - - -
Exit history - - -
Privacy, Security & Admin Settings Free Single Business Company
SSL encrypted surveys
Data protection information in the survey
Active consent to data protection by participants
View Logs & Protocols
Search for participant data in account
Predefined survey layout / survey - - -
Predefined Chart Colors / Result - - -
Password policies (minimum number of characters, complexity, change rhythm, history) - - -
Login timeout (number of attempts, length of timeout) - - -
Automatic deletion routines for data - - -
Support Free Single Business Company
Support by e-mail
Support by phone

Turn classic surveys into a modern experience and surprise your participants.

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Is the free use always free?

Yes, you can create as many surveys as you want and use the survey tool free. However, the free plan does not include all functions. If you are unsure which of the plan is right for you, then you can start with free and upgrade later.

Is it possible to upgrade during an ongoing survey?

Yes, you can always upgrade and use the extended functionality. Simply upgrade to the desired plan and assign the higher plan to your survey. The order can be made directly in your account.

How and when can I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan at any time. The termination can be made easily by clicking in your account. If you have choosed annual payment, your plan can be canceled at the end of the 12 months. If you have choosed for monthly payment, your plan can be canceled every months. The cancelation can be done up to 1 day before..

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept payment by invoice (bank transfer), PayPal or credit card (American Express, VISA or MasterCard).


What happens when the maximum number of responses has been reached?

If the maximum number of participants has been reached, further participation by new participants is no longer possible. The 1,001 (Light) or 10,001 (Business) participant receives a message that the maximum number of participants has been reached.

Can I access the results after the expiration of my plan?

Yes, even after the term of your plan, you have still access to the results of your survey. The term of the plan refers only to the participation period for taking part in the survey. As long as you do not delete the survey, you have always access your results.

* Depending on the country taxes may apply. To order the Single plan (Student), a current student verification is required.
1) In addition, an SSL certificate is required for custom survey domain, which may be available for a fee by easyfeedback.