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0 €

Forever free. Upgrade anytime.

1 users

unlimited surveys
100 participants / survey
10 questions / survey


49 €* monthly

or 390 €* as yearly payment
1 user

unlimited survey
500 participants / survey
unlimited questions

additional to Free:
+ finish page or redirect
+ email invitations
+ export results (PDF / SPSS)



790 €*

yearly payment

1 users

unlimited surveys
5.000 participants / survey

unlimited questions

additional to Starter:
+ Answer piping
+ Anonymity function
+ Compare filter results
+ E-Mail Report single results
+ Zugangscode (TAN)


1.470 €*

yearly payment
3 users included

unlimited survey
25.000 participants / survey

unlimited questions

additional to Business:
+ extensive user rights
+ self-sufficent team work
+ internal approvals
+ share reports by link
+ admin settings
+ password policies
+ own survey domain included

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Starter / Single



General services
Number of surveysunlimitedunlimited / 1unlimitedunlimited
Participants per survey1005005.00025.000
Number of questions per survey10unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
User accounts1113 incl. + additional accounts possible
Collaboration & Administration
Starter / Single
User administration---
Extended rights management---
User groups / Teams---
Standard survey layout / survey---
Standard chart colors / result---
Standard privacy policy---
Approval procedure for publishing surveys---
Create survey
Starter / Single
Create unlimited pages
14 question types including options
40+ survey templates
Integrate texts, images, videos, audio
Survey preview
Print questionnaire
Mobile-optimized surveys
Welcome page on/off
Question numbering on/off
Status bars on/off
Back button on/off
mandatory questions
Simple branching (filters/jumps)
Complex skip logics & conditions-
Validate text fields (text, number, date, e-mail, URL, postal code)-
Medien uploads per survey-1310
Randomization (pages, questions, answer options)-
Final page-
Automatic forwarding at the end of the survey-
Multilingual questionnaire-
Answer piping--
E-mail reply to participants--
Coupon codes--
Quiz / Scoring
Quiz: Recommendation for action-
Quiz: Results + recommended action--
Quiz: Results + recommended action + block evaluation---
Branding / Design
Starter / Single
Layout configurator: logo, images, fonts, colours, etc.
CSS editor for advanced layouts--
Individual survey link
Neutral survey domain---
Own survey domain-- *   1)free of charge
Decent „powered by easyfeedback“ button (Survey)---
Minimalistic „powered by easyfeedback“ lettering (Survey)--
Data protection
Starter / Single
Separate privacy notice per survey
Active consent to data protection by the participant
View logs & protocols
Search for participant data in the account---
Order processing according to DSGVO
Server location Germany (ISO 27001)
Starter / Single
SSL-encrypted surveys (standard)
Data ownership
Protect survey participation with general password
Protect survey participation with access codes (TAN)--
Login password guidelines (minimum number of characters, complexity, frequency of change, History)---
Login time lock (number of attempts, long time lock)---
Automatic data deletion routines---
Anonymity / Personalization
Starter / Single
Anonymous participation
Personalized participation (parameters, ID's, values, etc.)
Results only visible from X participants-
"Anonymity function" (participation technically anonymous)--
Invite participants
Starter / Single
Single/multiple participation
Automatic saving on interruption
Website integration as button
Website integration as feedback flap
Website integration as popup
Website integration as focus layer--
Participant lists-
E-mail invitation system including statistics-
Text or HTML mails-
E-mail reminder function-
Personalised invitations-
Personalized survey content-
Survey link filter--
Starter / Single
Real-time statistics
Real-time results
Dashboard/Time history
Diagram and text display
Single results
Result export (CSV)
Result export (Excel / PDF / SPSS)---
Complex result filters by behaviour, date, visitor source, variables, and much more-
Extended export of results-
Export result charts individually (PNG)-
Coding of the response results-
Customize chart colors-
Show results at the end of the survey-
E-mail report of individual results--
Take-off history--
OneClick filter-
Frequency distribution & word cloud--
Comparative results view--
API - interface connection
Share reports (results)---
Starter / Single
Support by e-mail
Support by phone

Does the ‘Free’ plan stay completely free?

Yes. You can create as many surveys as you want. The functions available are completely free. However, not all functionalities are included. If you cannot assess your demands in advance, it is the right plan for a start. An upgrade to any other plan is possible at all times. Just upgrade from within your account, as soon as you made your choice.

Are upgrades possible after my survey has been started?

Yes, of course. You can upgrade your available functionality anytime. All you need to do, is order the superior plan and assign it to the survey. You can place the order directly from your easyfeedback account.

When and how do I cancel a plan?

You can cancel anytime, it’s just one click in your account. If you have opted for annual payment, your account will be downgraded to the end of this 12-month period. If you opted for monthly payments, the cancellation of the plan will be for the end of the paid month. Cancellation will be possible until 1 day before the end of the term. The day after the cancellation term ending, your account will be downgraded to Free.

Which are the accepted payment methods?

We accept payment by invoice / bank transfer, PayPal, Klarna or credit card; American Express, VISA or MasterCard.


What happens after the maximum number of participants has been reached?

As soon as the maximum number of participants has been reached, participation is no longer possible. The next would-be participant to your survey will get a message, that the maximum number was already reached. According to your plan, that would be the 1,001st in the Starter or 10,001st in Business. Of course, there is no limit in the Company Plan.

Will my results stay accessible after my plan was cancelled?

Your results will remain available for you. You can access all results anytime through your remaining Free account. Only the participation time of the survey will end with the term of the paid plan. As long as you keep your account and the surveys, all your data will stay available. The only deletion would happen, if you decide to actively delete the survey or your remaining free account.

* Depending on the country taxes may apply. To order the Single plan (Student), a current student verification is required.
1) In addition, an SSL certificate is required for custom survey domain, which may be available for a fee by easyfeedback.